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The participants of the 16th season «battle of psychics» & raquo;

Participants of the 16th season of the “Battle of psychics”

Representatives of the most diverse occult sciences decided to take part in the next season of mystical competition. Among them was the family of magicians, the famous TNT medium and the former administrator Julia Wang.

The creators of the new issue of the “Battle of psychics” held a large-scale casting to select the most promising and most talented participants. The project has already hit the well-known media magicians and those who are going to conquer the audience of TNT with their supernatural abilities.

Iolanta Voronova

This participant of the 16th season of the “Battle of psychics” became known to the audience after participating in the magic show “Black and White”. Iolanthe appeared in the team of white magicians, but then she admitted that she was more inclined to dark forces. After the “Black and White” was completed, she returned to her native Kirov, but made an important decision to move to Moscow and try her hand at the iconic project TNT.

After all, the medium was born in the capital, and then her parents sent her to Kirov to be raised in the family of her grandfather and grandmother.

Grandfather Iolanta worked as a military attache in China, and after his resignation he worked with his granddaughter — he taught languages ​​that he himself knew eight. Grandma was engaged in clairvoyance and helping people. According to Voronova, the gift is transferred to their family through the female line. Supernatural abilities she received and her daughter named Ross.

Together with her, Iolanthe passed the casting to the “Battle” and also in the tandem of the “daughter-mothers” these participants will be tested. In addition to Rossa, Iolanta has a son, Albert.

After Voronova passed the casting in 16 “Battle” and finally moved to Moscow, many of the Kirov people wanted to get her a personal reception. But it seems that for this they will have to make a voyage to the capital, since Iolanta is not planning to return to Kirov yet.

Rossa Voronova

Rossa Voronova was born in Kirov on March 27 in a hereditary clairvoyant Iolanta Voronova family. She has a younger brother, Albert, who does ballet. Rossa herself is a student of the Moscow Publishing and Printing College and currently lives in Moscow with her mother and younger brother.

The Voronov family is almost inseparable. Having been selected for the TNT mystical program, Ross will be one of the youngest participants. Probably, the girl will represent the light forces and act on the side of good.

Namtar Ensigal

This participant of the new season arrived at the “Battle” from the city of Rostov-on-Don. The young man positions himself as a necromancer and is one of the former administrators of Julia Wang’s personal group on social networks. Recall that the winner of season 15 Riga medium and the Spirit of Chaos Julia Wang has a huge audience of fans and followers in social networks.

At the same time, she very carefully conducts the selection of her administrators into groups and to receive such status (in the opinion of many) is very prestigious.

According to rumors, before he started practicing Chaosism, Namtar once worked as a manager at a strip club, and now he calls himself “the Great Inquisitor of Entropy from the very warp throat” and accepts orders for defamation and other dark rituals. If you look closely at the Namtar page, you can find a lot in common with the page style of Julia Wang.

Alexey Grishin

One of the alleged favorites of the project can be considered a famous psychic Alexei Grishin. Viewers could see him in the programs on TNT and NTV, where he acted as a guest expert medium. Alexey also collaborated with the Yu and Russia channels.

His publications — horoscopes and predictions — are pleased to print the magazine Dom-2.

Alexey is a certified psychologist (he has a higher education). In addition, he invented his own system of divination by the Tarot cards and conducts private receptions. The medium has a spectacular appearance and his body is covered with artistic tattoos.

He calls his mentor Tatyana Karakhanova, the finalist of 10 Battles.

Nicole’s biography (she’s Agatha Matveyeva) includes two clinical deaths, after which she acquired supernatural abilities. As the participant told, at the age of 15 she found her mentor, who explained to her how to develop her magical gift.

Nicole uses only white magic in her rites. She is an active user of social networks and is not shy about posting her candid photo shoots on Instagram without forgetting to provide them with a copyright icon.

Clairvoyant married and raising a son. She conducts private receptions and is engaged in removal of patrimonial damage, curses, and promises to correct her life path for those who applied to her. Since her appearance at the casting, Nicole has become one of the most talked about participants, since on behalf of her fake, all sorts of rumors and gossip spread on the net.

Victoria Rydos

According to rumors, a resident of St. Petersburg Victoria Rydos will present in the new season the famous coven of witches Natalia Banteyeva. The girl works as a teacher at the Tarot Academy and is able to manage energy flows. She knows how to summon spirits and see the past.

Victoria’s birthday is December 27th. This means that according to the sign of the Zodiac, it is Capricorn and is distinguished by perseverance and perseverance. Capricorns make strong psychics and mediums, since one of the symbolic patrons of the mark is (according to the warlock version) the Devil himself.

Whether Victoria succeeds in the “Battle”, we will definitely find out.

We remind all fans of the exciting mystical project that the next release will be aired on TNT in mid-autumn. You are waiting for new and unusual participants, each of whom is ready to demonstrate their magical power and hit the audience with supernatural abilities. We will add to this list those who will appear on the screen.

Stay tuned!

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