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The favorites of season 14, «The Battles of Psychics & raquo;»

Determined favorites season 14 «Battle of psychics»

After the first two episodes of the long-awaited 14 season of “The Battle of Psychics”, leaders among the project participants have emerged. Three hard trials of the second series made it clear who can count on the main prize, and who will be left behind. Of course, at such an early stage of the competition it is still too early to draw any conclusions, because as you know this show is not only the most mystical, but also very unpredictable.

However, after the first tests, fans of the show still revealed the most powerful psychics.

According to fans of the show «The Battle of Psychics», the most capable participant is a tarrologist. Alexander Sheps. He was practically able to find the bomb that the organizers had hidden for the test and was able to easily determine the things of the missing child and tell his fate. Many fans of «Battle» have already begun to compare Sheps with past participants of the show. For example, with Vitaly Gibert, Dmitry Volkhov and Vlad Kadoni.

It seems that Alexander Sheps combined the images of three psychics in himself, which is very evident in his behavior, manner of speaking and methods of rituals. However, only time will tell if he can achieve the same success as his already famous predecessors.

Watch «The Battle of Psychics» season 14, many also became precisely because of the young and mysterious participant from Estonia Marilyn Kerro. She easily passed all three tests of the first day and turned out to be in favorites. As it turned out, the girl is not only engaged in the magic of Voodoo, but also is the owner of her restaurant in her homeland, and also has a modeling career.

It does not interfere. Marilyn Kerro not only showed herself perfectly on the first ordeal, but also apparently sunk into the soul of many viewers.

However, all the more surprised psychic Ekaterina Ryzhikova. In the world, she is an avant-garde artist, actress and stage designer. Despite her sluggishness on the set and surprisingly funny magical manipulations, Ekaterina Ryzhova was able to successfully pass the tests and be among the first.

But those psychics, on which everyone initially pinned their hopes, practically could not express themselves in any way. This applies to the winner of the Azerbaijani «Battle of the Psychics» Anara Abdullaeva. What prevented such a strong psychic from becoming a leader is still a mystery.

However, Anar himself is still in full confidence that he will receive the main prize of the project.

Elena Smelova, The participant of the 6th season of the “Battle of psychics” again came to this project to take revenge, however, so far it remains far from the cherished goal. But with all this, she has no doubt that she will be able to reach the final.

It is too early to draw conclusions and identify leaders from among the participants in the “Battle of the Psychics” season 14. After all, the situation may change at the moment, and this has been confirmed more than once in the past seasons of the show. So fans of the “Battle of Psychics” can only root for their beloved psychics and believe in their victory. We continue to root for our favorite participants of the “Battle” and do not forget to press and

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