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Season 18 «The Battles of Psychics»: Biography of Nikita Turchin

Season 18 «The Battle of Psychics»: the biography of Nikita Turchin

The 18th season of the “Battle of psychics” has already turned out to be colorful, intriguing and contrasting, because the young psychic from Ufa — Nikita Turchin gives great hopes.

Most likely, Nikita cannot win the “Battle” with his strength, because he is not yet experienced enough, but we hope that he will be able to reach the end. On the selection of participants, in the first release of the show, he showed himself very well. He was able to earn the love of the audience and their respect, because there were no such young participants on the show yet.

Biography and facts about psychic

Nikita Turchin or, as he calls himself, a key keeper, was born and raised in the city of Ufa. Date of birth — May 13, 2000. At the moment he lives in Moscow and is completely open to conquer new heights and to search for his place in this world.

A young magician is studying in college. Among the hobbies is to provide a personal blog, acting, journalism.

The show was published in 2007, when Nikita was 7 years old. It was then that he began to watch it with great interest. He dreamed of becoming a member of the project. Now, as we can see, the dream of a turnkey come true.

Of course, Nikita was able to take part in the show not without problems, because his parents were first against, but when it comes to the young man’s dream, there is little that can stop him.

As a result, the parents gave their consent, after which Nikita Turchin went to the casting. As already mentioned, this does not end his hobby, because he is a popular blogger, an actor (he played several episodic roles on television), and is also a creative person in general.

Power of psychic

Few people become a psychic just like that. Almost all the participants of the show someone from the family also had secret knowledge. In the case of Nikita, it was a grandmother.

Since childhood, he helped her and learned from her, knowing the truth. Despite the fact that the grandmother worked with natural forces, Nikita chose a different path. He works with keys, because they, as the young magician says, are a repository of energy information about people and their lives.

Even in the very first episode of the 18th season, Nikita showed himself from the good side, standing up for the girl from the film crew. One of the participants wanted to impose a curse on the defenseless lady. In the second issue in the hospital, the key attendant could not complete the task, as, in principle, all the others.

In subsequent releases, Nikita gave up a bit of positions, having gone into the shadow of more experienced extrasensory experts. The young magician will still be able to show himself — the audience and he himself are sure of that. Closer to the final we are promised something interesting, although so far no one knows what it will be.

Nikita is strong, young and ambitious, and this is enough to leave a mark on history and an imprint on the heart of his fans. In a sense, Nikita has already won, which so far cannot be said about either Sonya Egorova or Konstantin Ghetsati or Marina Zueva, who are indisputable favorites. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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