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Season 18 «Battle of the Psychics»: The Biography of Ivan Shabanov

Season 18 «The Battle of Psychics»: a biography of Ivan Shabanov

Not all psychics have a chance to take part in the “Battle”. Ivan Shabanov from the very beginning of the show was received quite ambiguously, but he believes that he will be able to reach the final.

In the final of the first edition, it was Ivan who said that everyone in the room was the strongest magician and medium in the entire history of the show. This is a bold statement, especially considering the fact that in the first four releases of the show Ivan was able to give a sensible and correct answer only in the release about the house with the hanged men.

Participant’s biography

Ivan calls himself a city shaman. He was born in 1977 in Azerbaijan, in the city of Baku. According to the man, it is not the first time when he is trying to break through to the “Battle of psychics”.

This time, he finally managed to translate his dream into reality.

As Ivan himself says, he is a hereditary sorcerer in the line of his father. With age, his strength gradually increased and became more distinct. When he visited the shaman assembly in Khakassia, he seemed to be himself.

Returning home, Ivan Shabanov became a different person, has found his true purpose.

He is now known not only in his native city, but also in Moscow. On the first test «trunk» Ivan managed to find a man in the car. His reaction was very strange, as if he did not expect to find a man.

Perhaps this is just luck, but it does not appear from nowhere.

Ivan loves animals, snakes, has many tattoos and is engaged in the creation of amulets. This is a very kind and sociable participant of the show, because he communicates with everyone without any problems.

Ivan abilities

Ivan has been engaged in shamanism since childhood. He creates special talismans and charms for all occasions. His philosophy is simple — he loves helping people and giving them protection, hope for a bright future.

He is greatly helped by his numerous tattoos. Made to facilitate communication with spirits, they are the catalyst for invoking otherworldly forces. Ivan also has a tambourine that helps him look into the past of people and into the future.

In some issues, Ivan caused only laughter of guests, but this is just a reaction to the appearance of the shaman. Ivan looks outside the box, without any doubt, but it is necessary to divert attention. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw a mediocre person interested in an esoteric? Ivan Shabanov is seriously determined to reach the final, but he admits that it is almost impossible to be the first, considering what his rivals are.

This is Sonya Egorova, and Konstantin Ghessati, as well as Marina Zueva, a Portuguese witch. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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