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Season 17 «Battle of the Psychics»: a biography of Daria Voskoboeva

Season 17 «The Battle of Psychics»: a biography of Daria Voskoboeva

The name of Daria Voskoboeva is already heard by the loyal viewers of the show “The Battle of Psychics”. Dariya — this is exactly the correct form of her name — is included in the famous coven of witches Natalia Banteyeva. So many people put on it in the upcoming «Battle».

As it became known, Natalya Banteeva, a St. Petersburg witch and the winner of the 9th season of this mystical project, came to the qualifying trials of the 17th season of the “Battle of Psychics”. She was not alone: ​​her coven arrived with her.

The witches came to support their counterpart — clairvoyant Daria Voskoboevu. It is this time that she will have to defend the honor of the coven and demonstrate her strength. And the fact that Darius will pass the qualifiers, few doubted. The energy of this girl has already been noticed by many.

Like the coven itself; at the casting, he appeared to be quite extravagant — on «modern brooms».

Biography of Daria Voskoboeva

Little is known about the life of Daria Voskoboeva, but the witch does reveal some facts in small interviews. Birthday witch celebrates May 6th. She says that she has two children, that she loves active rest and that she cannot call herself either an owl or a morning person — witch affairs are happening at night, but in the morning a person has stronger energy.

So Daria has to get enough sleep in a very short time.

Darius — a witch who owns combat magic and techniques of the East. Other directions in extrasensory perception that Dariya works with are providence and codes embedded in a person by birth. As can be seen, students of Banteyeva have a tendency to generic programs. Psychic Victoria Rydos, the winner of the 16 season of “Battle”, also worked with the power of Rod.

And before participating in the show — collaborated with Natalia Banteyeva. Although now both of them admit that their roads diverged.

Another participant from the coven was energy vamp Tatyana Larina. She took second place, losing to Julia Wang, however, and silver in the “Battle” is very worthy and very, very difficult. Larina also came to the casting to support her friend.

On social networks it can be seen that Natalya Banteeva, Tatyana Larina and Dariya Voskoboeva are close friends.

Darius owns foresight, is a medium and specializes in rituals. In her work, many expected to see the tricks of Victoria Rydos, but the show organizers love to surprise, so it was difficult to predict in advance what Darius would distinguish. In the qualifying tests, Darius said that she could steal the abilities of other psychics.

Daria Voskoboeva’s birthday is May 6th. On the horoscope Daria Voskoboeva — Taurus. This is quite a strong and promising sign.

Taurus harmoniously combines stubbornness and perseverance, ability to work and the desire to build their own destiny with their own hands. If the zodiacal constellation has left a strong imprint on the character of Daria Voskoboevoy, this opponent will simply be too tough for many. The energy of her name is also considered to be quite strong, especially if her relatives support her.

And with a coven behind it, it’s almost inevitable.

In addition to participating in Natalia Banteyeva’s projects, Dariya also implements her ideas. She paints pictures and enjoys magical design — creates attributes for rituals.

Much more on the project remains a mystery. Although the possible participants in the 17th season of the “Battle of the Psychics” are already known, things may change, because ahead of them are the Screen and the Trunk. We wish good luck to psychics. Watch the premiere, episode 1 of the 17 season of the “Battle of psychics” and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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