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Season 16 «Battle of the Psychics» & raquo; showed some participants

The 16th season of the “Battle of psychics” showed some participants

Mediums passed competitive selection and discovered faces. Find out who will try to impress you in the new release of the program and what tests had to be overcome by clairvoyants. The most scandalous participants in the project.

The creators of the most popular mystical show on the TNT channel discovered the secret — who will participate in the new season. Mediums had to go through a serious competitive selection at the casting, after which the applicants went to pass the «Screen». This is a traditional test in a program where mediums will have to guess a subject hidden behind a dark cloth.

In issue 16, a trainer with an anaconda was hiding behind a screen.

The next test is the “trunk”. Several cars line up. In one of them, a person is hiding in the trunk, and clairvoyants must accurately determine which car he is in. The creators of the new season offer you to play a guessing game and determine from the photo — which of the participants belong to the hands that opened the correct trunk?

You will receive the answer after the “Battle of psychics” will be released on the autumn broadcast.

The names of some participants are known and you can see their faces in this photo taken during the passage of the contest called “Mr. X”. Mediums had to guess the gender and the distinctive features of the invited guest, whose identity is hidden under the mask. We’ll open a secret — in the 16th season “Mr. X” was the actress from “Comedy Vumen” Ekaterina Skulkina.

In the picture you see the emotions that engulfed psychics when they found out — who had to be diagnosed.

Daniyar Kasenov

At number 1, you see a young man whose mentor and protégé to the program is supposedly the winner of season 12 of the “Battle of the Psychics” Anatoly Ledenev.

At number two is the metropolitan Sergey Igorevich Pakhomov, born in 1996, calling himself Grandfather Pakh. He is a representative of Moscow bohemia, writes music and draws pictures of psychedelic content. In childhood, he played the violin and graduated from music school. According to the participant of the “Battle” in 1984, he was a patient of a psychiatric clinic named after


Leonid Aleksandrovsky, a good acquaintance of Ded Pakhom, gave him a characteristic of a violent buffoon and a mother-head. According to rumors, Sergey Pakhomov is married to Elena Tokareva, the ex-editor of the magazine “ELLE Decor”.

Gosh schneerson

The third number is the clairvoyant Gosha Schneerson. His appearance on the project was accompanied by scandalous revelations about the unconventional orientation.

A young beautiful blonde named Tatyana may have a very wealthy spouse and came to the “Battle” not to earn money, but to gain fame and glory.

The fourth issue is a blonde with a cinematic appearance named Angelina. Presumably an actress or a singer.

Nicole Matveyeva

In the photo at number 5 — white magician Nikol Matveev. After the accident, the girl experienced clinical death and underwent a series of operations on the throat, so she speaks with a special device. The appearance of Nicole on the project was accompanied by various gossip on the Internet.

At first they suggested that the girl was allegedly the widow of the criminal late authority of Jap, and then they came to the conclusion that Nicole was not a girl at all, but a transsexual. This is the guy who built up his chest and came to the program to earn money for his further transformation into a woman.

Namtar Ensigal

For the main prize will come to fight the former admin of the official group of Julia Wang, black magician Namtar Enzigal (in the photo he is number 7). According to rumors, the patronage of the project he was personally Julia Wang, the famous winner of the 15th season. Before getting into mercy to the Spirit of Chaos (as Wang calls himself), Namtar was rumored to work as a manager at a Rostov strip club.

George Malinovsky

Eighth number — George Malinovsky, a former participant in the reality «House-2». Engaged in black magic and records music. He tried to pass the casting to the “Battle” several times — and finally achieved what he wanted.

The fact that George left the “House 2”, remaining on the perimeter do not regret it, — according to rumors, the medium is tired of his constant rites and rituals.

The 16th season of the “Battle of psychics” will begin on September 19 at 20:00. Mages will determine the purity of aura and karma among the guests of the project, will tell their past and future, will conduct an investigation. Include TNT and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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