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Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest & raquo;: when the guardian angel turns away

«Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest»: when the guardian angel turns away

No one knows what the test of fate will be for each of us. Also, no one can answer the question of what the tasks of these tests are, what their secret motives and meaning are.

In this issue again two stories appear before us. The first concerns the future, and the second of the past. A young man, Ilya, 3 times in a row tried to marry girls whom he loved with all his heart, but disappointments awaited him, probably caused by a family curse.

The second guests were a husband and wife from Nizhny Novgorod, who were attacked in their own house and tried to kill.

Runaway brides

Ilya is a young and prominent guy who is pursued by failures in love. He dreams of starting a family, but with none of his girls could he do this. Immediately after he made them an offer, they either turned away from him or ran away without giving any explanation for their actions.

He turned for help to psychics.

Ilona Novoselova and Alexander Litvin were called up for this task. The right of the first word was given to Alexander, who, by the dates of birth of Ilya, his girlfriend and his parents, was able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their personalities. He answered many questions, shed light on the past and, of course, told all about the future.

He was not told why he was called, but when the turn came to Ilya, then he understood from his date of birth that the guy had problems.

What is most interesting, he creates these problems for himself, since he needs to treat these sudden break-ups as something positive. This is not a curse, but luck, in his opinion, because each of the girls would bring only suffering to the young man: one had two marriages before him, the other would have endless problems with parents, and because of the third one with health . The problem is that the guy was not really in love with them.

Alexander said that the transfer guest just needs to wait, then everything will be fine.

The black witch Ilona Novoselova, a participant in the 7th season of the show of the battle of psychics, expressed a different opinion about the problem of Ilya. She said that his guardian angel had been turned away from Illya. He, his girlfriend and his parents froze in horror.

Novoselova continued to dot the “i”, saying that there are two crosses hanging on the boy — on the sex and on the heart chakras. This is the result of much damage. Directly on the set, she took damage from a young man, noting her nature.

This is the residual effect of the damage imposed on his mother. After the end of the ceremony, the witch reported good news — soon everything will be fine, and the consequences of damage will disappear.

Attempted murder

For almost a year, the family of Svetlana and Yevgeny has been horrified by the events that took place more than a year ago. They were assassinated at their own entrance. A young man of a large build attacked them with a knife.

Eugene received serious injuries to his face and skull, his wife was more fortunate. They can not live in peace and worry about the fact that the investigation has stalled.

Leonid Konovalov and Zulia Rajabova come to the rescue. Their friendly duet helped many people to find happiness and get answers to questions. The first entered into the Leonid.

On his shoulders lay the investigation of the incident. He described the criminal, scanned possible ways of his withdrawal and tried to create his psychological portrait. The psychic was shown pictures of people who, in the opinion of the investigation and the spouses themselves, can be the customers of the assassination attempt. Leonid said that this was supposed to be a murder, so if the neighbors didn’t call the police and didn’t intervene, everything would have ended badly.

On the basis of the photographs, an experienced clairvoyant concluded that a close friend of Yevgeny, with whom he had been acquainted for over 20 years, was to blame for everything.

After that, Zulia met her family, who did not focus on the enemies and the environment of Eugene and Svetlana. She immediately saw that the problem lies in themselves. Her verdict stunned everyone — Zulia said that all problems stem from the greed of the spouses, because their business is built on callousness and betrayal.

The customer, in her opinion, is the same person whom her partner Leonid Konovalov pointed out. His motives can be understood, because Eugene and Svetlana took advantage of his kindness, forgetting what his partner and friend did for them. And so they behave with everyone.

Zulia advised Svetlana to stop getting into her husband’s affairs and set him up negatively, because before her he was all right. The only way out for them is not to run away from problems, but to meet them bravely. Need to admit your mistakes.

Ask for forgiveness from all whom they have done evil and take the right path.

The outcome in both stories is a bit ambiguous, although in the first case there were no more problems by the end of the release, and in the second, they appeared on the contrary in greater numbers. Most importantly, psychics managed to shed light on the past and future, giving useful tips to all guests of the program. Remember that you can change destiny at any time, and for this you need only to look at things correctly. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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