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Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest & raquo ;: games with death, or people on the verge

«Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest»: games with death, or people on the verge

The most valuable thing for every person is life. In this issue, we, along with psychics, will learn about the terrible tragedies that forced people to go to the “Battle of psychics” to learn how to save the lives of their loved ones, and not to get hit by Destiny.

In this release, four psychics will immediately test themselves. The first part is devoted to a young man who endlessly finds himself in critical situations and is constantly on the verge of life and death. The second part is devoted to the tragedies of the family, which is pursued by a series of disasters.

Arthur seems to collect accidents. Since childhood, each game ended in injury: fractures, cuts, bruises and bruises. The older he got, the worse the trouble.

Car accidents, animal attacks and other terrible troubles. What is it? Given a gift of survival, or punishment?

This and try to find out the strongest psychics release. Relatives and girlfriend turned to people with supernatural abilities to solve this strange and terrible case.

Zulia Rajabova

The medium was carefully prepared for work, using its magical devices. Oddly enough, she began the story not with Arthur, but with his girlfriend. She saw the light behind her, her grandfather, who works as a priest.

Literally in the first minutes Zulia told all the details of her life.

Turning to Arthur, Zulia shook those present with regular revelations from the guy’s life. Scanning it, she clearly saw that Arthur’s body was literally milled and reassembled.

I saw Zulia and the house where Arthur lived. His parents bought him without fear of negative energy: the killer lived there. However, the clairvoyant did not see any damage, no curse, no negative action from the house.

In her opinion, the blame for all alcohol and recklessness. A bit of a possessed guy like attracts trouble to himself because of his bad habits, not trying to make an effort to eliminate his own internal conflict. This provokes the entities to harm and suck the vital energy drop by drop.

Victoria Rydos

The witch stunned everyone with the statement that Natur’s girlfriend Arthur lived with him, being in an official marriage with another man, and accurately described his appearance to the smallest details.

With the help of a magical ritual, she decided to scan Arthur, and with the help of the spirits of the dead get the information of interest. The witch peered into the darkness, and conveyed the words and images of the deceased who contacted her. Regular details of the lives of those present did not leave a different opinion, except that Victoria can really communicate with the other world, and sees many times more than an ordinary person.

Turning to Arthur, Victoria saw several spirits of deceased relatives, some of whom committed suicide. The terrible statement shocked everyone: the witch said that the guy had very little time, and one day he could not be saved.

On the eve of the terrible accident, after which the guy miraculously survived, there were a lot of strange and unexplained phenomena that he ignored. Victoria Rydos confirmed the guesswork, saying that in this way the souls of relatives tried to warn him against death.

The psychic told the guys that Arthur bears the generic program that destroys him. This is due to the fact that many close people have committed suicide. Negative energy suicides pursues survivors, and literally pushes them into all sorts of trouble.

It turns out that Arthur’s younger brother often got into trouble and rework, which ended in injuries.

The priestess of the ancestors advised the discouraged guy to reconsider his attitude to life, and immediately start working on himself. Stop abusing alcohol, smoking, working for wear and burning life. Outside the cameras, she told him what should be done for a fundamental change in his life and his own way.

Family catastrophe: trouble or clan curse.

The second part of the issue is devoted to the tragedy of an ordinary large family. Happy spouses three times on the verge of losing their daughters. It all started with the fact that Natalia had a nightmare after the birth of her youngest daughter.

The woman saw the death of her own family at the hands of the murderers, and woke up in a terrible state.

Just a few days later, the baby choked on the mixture and began to choke, while her mother turned away from her for just a second. The girl was saved by a miracle, and never took her eyes off her, unaware of the new misfortune.

After a month and a half, the eldest daughter Tatyana came under a car that hit a girl at a high speed at a crosswalk. The miracle, as Tatyana’s return to life was called by doctors and police officers, happened for the second time in a family shocked by grief.

But a year later, trouble once again knocked at the house of Natalia and Andrew. Polina, the middle daughter in the family, was also hit by a car. After the third shocking event, parents, concerned about the fate of their daughters, decided to seek help from people with supernatural powers.

To open the veil of secrecy and psychics Lilia Hegai and Elena Golunova will try to figure out the incident.

Lily Khegai

Before the psychic, they put photos of girls, and Lily accurately described each of them, favorite poses, gestures, experiences. An impressed mother was looking forward to the continuation.

Friendly conversation and discussion of the couple’s personal life continued for some time, and then the clairvoyant seemed to fall into a trance, peering into the photos of the children. Instantly switching and gathering, Lily saw the terrible tragedies of each.

The psychic said she did not see any damage or an evil eye over the family. According to her, human envy is to blame. It is she who gives peace to people who see the happiness of others in a family, where the husband is much younger than his wife, and also undertook to bring up girls who are alien to him.

The birth of a common child even more pissed off the crowd of distant relatives and casual acquaintances.

Elena Golunova

Barely glancing at the photos of the girls, Elena said that they had suffered from grief and were on the verge. The visions of the black witch, who from the threshold felt the grief of the family, shocked everyone. Starting with the eldest daughter, she somehow unbelievable scent defined the tragedy that happened with Tatiana.

Describing what happened to the sisters, Elena reported that the beginning of the tragedies is not in them.

The visions of the witch stunned everyone. Natalya recalled from the help of a psychic that it was she who was the first to have an accident, although she didn’t even have fines for driving experience.

The witch’s statement struck everyone. She asked the eldest daughter to leave, and told the remaining adults that a curse of three kinds hung over them.

Asking for a photo of Natalia’s ex-wife, Elena determined that the negative comes precisely from his family, but this is not the reason for the curse. However, the curse comes from the man, and Elena began to scan Andrew. Her visions amazed Natalia’s husband, and his skepticism began to evaporate.

She clearly saw the death of his father, and reported that his dead relatives were looking after him, putting their shoulders in a timely manner, and preventing them from trouble.

The witch had no doubt that his father received a curse from an offended woman, who never became his wife. During the wedding of Andrei’s parents, many people were poisoned, and for a long time they came to their senses, restoring health.

The witch decided to hold a ceremony to remove the family curse. A long ritual using a multitude of magical objects and the witch’s blood ended with the words of supporting and comforting the witch. She advised the family not to dwell on negative emotions and drive thoughts of the scary away.

Each of us may unwittingly become a victim of the evil eye, damage or curses. Believe it or not — everyone decides. However, in order to protect oneself it is necessary first of all to tune in to a positive, and to pay attention in a timely manner to the oddities occurring around. We wish you health, love and happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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