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Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest & raquo;: evil rock and the power of curses

«Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest»: evil rock and the power of curses

And again the strongest psychics rush to the aid of those whose grief makes them turn to mystically gifted people. In this series, we learn about the mystery of the death of a 14-year-old girl and the terrible tragedy in the life of a young woman who has lost all of her close relatives.

The first part of the issue is devoted to a terrible tragedy. A 13-year-old girl from the Tula region was killed in a traffic accident. Opinions of eyewitnesses differ, and the driver does not want to admit his guilt. Heartbroken parents dream to learn the truth about the death of their daughter and remove the stamp of suicide from her.

The fact of the matter is that several months before her death, Sonya posted on the social network an entry in which she wrote: “Everything would have been fine if the car had not been hit.” What is it — an absurd set of circumstances, fate or suicide? Colleagues and friends Zulia Rajabova and Leonid Konovalov are going to understand the complicated case.

Leonid Konovalov

On the night before Leonid’s mission, as always, images came. Upon arrival at the test site, the psychic began to fall asleep with facts that clearly indicated injuries to the child, her age, and the time of the accident on April 16 of the year. He told about those who met him in the churchyard.

The shocked parents and a friend of the deceased had only time to ask a question about what had happened, as Leonid began to tell them details that he could not find out about. He also identified Sony’s hereditary throat diseases, health problems of his friend and relatives.

According to him, the tragedy was not suicide, because at the time of writing the letter addressed to the mother, the girl smiled and did not think about hurting herself. In the letter, she asked her mother for forgiveness for the quarrels and her bad behavior.

Leonid Konovalov saw and confirmed the words of a friend who was present on the road at the time of the tragedy. He also saw the second passenger in the car, a man, although at the trial a girl was presented as a witness.

After a long analysis of his visions, he did not find the answer to the question of who was to blame for the accident, and could not say whether the girl left the road or stood on the sidelines.

Zulia Rajabova

The medium began the conversation with a shocking statement: she saw a gallows above Sonya’s mom and explained that this was a suicide named Valera. From the energy of the grave, in which the grandfather Sony was buried, as it turned out, the psychic had negative feelings. She spoke negatively about the funeral, and advised him to plant a tree near the grave, and pray for the soul of a suicide to relatives.

The following vision shocked the relatives of the deceased Sonechka. Zulia saw another suicide, their relative, who came for the girl. She was reassured by the grief-stricken people with a psychic with the message that the soul of a girl is in paradise

When asked about a possible suicide, Zulia Rajabova answered categorically: “This is nonsense.”

A lot of details, including the color of the car, told the medium to the stunned close people of the deceased. She described the dream of a girl about her death. It turns out that Sonya told his friend Ivan about him.

Then Zulia went to Sonya’s sister Irina and began to scan her. Another shock was experienced by relatives when a psychic announced tattoos and piercings on the girl’s body, which she could not see behind several layers of clothing. Zulia forbade Irina to wear the clothes of the deceased and conveyed Sonya’s request not to pierce anything anymore and not to do new tattoos, because they are demonic marks.

The shocking detail was Zulia’s statement that Sonya would not have lived to 16 years. And the psychic called the cause a curse that hangs over the mother of the deceased girl. The love triangle of relationships created a situation in which the current husband of Sonya’s mom threw his wife for her. This woman is still sending curses, wanting to wick the alien and hating her for her childlessness.

Black envy and desire for revenge have created a powerful impetus to negative energy, just aimed at the offenders.

Knowing about the aggressive attitude of the former girlfriend, Sonya’s mother, due to fear, made an abortion at a late term in order to save herself and her family from the curses sent by the distraught woman.

Zulia Rajabova clearly saw that Sonya was not guilty, and shot her down on a pedestrian sidewalk, as Ivan, an eyewitness to the tragedy, said. This young man had already witnessed the death of people close to him twice in his short life and a year and a half before the death of his girlfriend lost his father in an accident. The clairvoyant confirmed that he was not a suicide, but saved the family in a nearby car from a drunk driver.

Ivan’s father deliberately sent the car to a collision, and now he asks to be handed over to relatives, so that they let him go and commemorate with love, without tears.

Joint investigation at the site of the tragedy

Zulia clearly identified the place where Sonya stood and how the tragedy occurred. He and Leonid confirmed the driver’s guilt, his loss of vigilance and gross violation — speeding at the prohibition sign.

Psychics are sure that the Divine Court itself will choose the punishment for a careless driver who never apologized to his parents. His punishment will soon come to pass, and psychics advised relatives to let the situation go and pray for the soul of the deceased girl. Another cause of death was the curse, from which Zulia began to save relatives after the shooting.

Curse of death

The second part of the issue is devoted to another tragedy. The grieving mother turned to clairvoyants to help her find the reason why she was losing her loved ones. A terrible accident claimed the lives of her two children, and before that the woman had lost her grandfather and grandmother and stepfather with her mother.

The shocks did not end, and the woman who had barely recovered from the shock came to the news that her father was considered missing.

Those close to Anastasia are sure that evil rock hangs over it, which takes away from life happiness, joy and love, leaving a broken heart and a soul burned to blackness from grief. Relatives decided to help the unfortunate woman to gain the strength to live and find answers to the question of why such horrors happen to her. They turned to the shaman Kogette for help.

The first thing Cojetta took a tambourine, then in the course went fire. After the shaman, she spread magic stones and began to tell the details of the life of the people who came for help.

The details that the psychic told me, more and more shocked her relatives, her exact descriptions left no doubt about her amazing gift. Cogetta told Anastasia that she saw the image of God, who seemed to call people in her car, and the children were asleep at the time of the collision, and did not understand what had happened. It turns out that the driver behind the wheel of the KamAZ, with which the collision occurred, fell asleep at the wheel.

This led to such a terrible ending of a journey that did not foresee trouble.

Shamanka reassured Anastasia, informing her that the Higher Forces had saved her from death and was not allowed to go along with the children on that fateful day. She convinced the grieving mother that she was not guilty, and the fate of the children were written, and death at an early age would have happened anyway.

Perfume told Kozhette about the tragedy in which the children of Anastasia died, and she correctly saw that five people died in the accident. In a surprising way, the shaman saw another terrible truth: the girl in the car was in a position and died before she could bring a long-awaited child to the world.

Numerous trials fell to Anastasia’s share, and before the age of 33 she will suffer many more losses and disappointments. It is not a curse, but the karma of a kind of husband. His quarrel with his mother and the curses with which she fell were fatal for an unhappy woman.

Cojette has predicted that Anastasia will have children, a new life, but for this she will have to work hard and change her character. She told a man supporting Anastasia that he was a guardian angel for her. At parting, the young people received a gift from a shaman, a black rabbit.

It should be a new amulet of happiness and good luck in the family.

Every day we are waiting for new achievements and falls. Psychics warn that we should not blame others, in order not to inadvertently send a strong curse that can destroy the life not only of the offenders, but also our own. Carefully watch your actions, bring good and positive and do not forget to press the buttons and

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