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Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest & raquo ;: the mystery of the death of lovers

«Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest»: the mystery of the death of lovers

The next investigation of the “Battle of the Psychics” led Lilia Khegai, Leonid Konovalov and Zulia Rajabov to grieving parents who lost their children. The cause of their death is ambiguous and mysterious.

In the Tambov region there was a case that boomed all over Russia. Two lovers were found hanging in a forest belt. What caused such a tragic circumstance, whether it is suicide or not, all this is to be recognized by the strongest psychics.

Relatives of the victims met psychics at the cemetery. A lot of questions about the couple, which everyone considered to be a role model and were called local Romeo and Juliet, are haunting anyone. The investigation is deadlocked and blames the tragedy on the guy who first killed the girl and then laid hands on himself.

Leonid Konovalov

A psychic before meeting with relatives saw images in which he recognized the guy from the photo. Clear pictures that came to him, found confirmation: he saw the vest and the beauty of the guy. Leonid said that only one phrase came to his mind: «ridiculous death.» Focusing on his feelings, the psychic said that he sees two deaths: murder and suicide.

This means that Dmitry killed his girlfriend, and then committed suicide himself. However, he was mistaken with the definition of the characters of the couple, calling them quick-tempered and prone to quarrels and conflicts. Outraged relatives did not agree with his opinion and criticized everything that was said.

Lily Khegai

Barely looking at the photo of the deceased, Lilia began to talk about him as if she knew personally. The details of the couple’s life were so shocking to their loved ones that there was no doubt that the psychic really feels tragedy and can help in a controversial issue. She told about the guy’s hobbies, about his love for cars and music.

For some time Lilia herself asked herself questions and answered them in order to get to the truth. Having clearly described the place of death, she suddenly went deep into the cemetery and kept looking at the trees all the time, trying to climb at least one of them. She explained her actions by the fact that trees are witnesses of everything that happens on earth and willingly share information.

Lily stopped at the grave of grandfather Dmitry, who recently died of the disease. And again, the boy’s mother and grandmother confirmed every word spoken by a psychic in trembling voices. Her conclusion — the boy and the girl were killed after the conflict in which Dmitry defended his beloved.

Zulia Rajabova

Without explaining anything and not knowing the essence of the task, Zulia began to perform only her understandable actions. After the ritual, during which she asked Dmitry’s mother to leave, Zulia struck all those present with precise visions. She called the many deceased who stood behind the living, and told the details of the couple’s life. People froze in shock, not believing that she really communicates with dead souls.

However, Zulia explained that Dmitry wants to go to his girlfriend. A psychic led to the burial place of Olesya, the girl of the deceased boy, the soul of Oksana, her cousin. When she arrived at the place, Zulia indicated the name Olesya — Dmitrienko, and said that the souls of the lovers followed the same fate and were connected with the other world.

She, like Leonid Konovalov, saw that Dmitry had planned suicide beforehand, but did not want to part with Olesya, and therefore took her with him.

Psychics at the place of death

Late in the evening in complete darkness, relatives and psychics arrived at the place where Dmitry and Olesya were found. Zulia and Leonid continued to insist that Dmitry was determined to be decisive and killed Olesya himself, and then laid hands on himself. Lilia Khegay was completely disagreeing with this opinion and insisted that suicide was strange for a couple in love: they were hung on different trees, half-sitting, with broken necks.

Lily assured that this is nothing but a dramatization of death. However, Zulia, in her visions, looked at Dmitry’s strange occupation. According to her, the guy spent a lot of time on the Internet and was in a certain group that promoted suicide.

Opinions of psychics are divided. The relatives were also confused and could not believe that Dmitry decided on such a terrible deed. Without coming to a common opinion, psychics said goodbye to their relatives and left the place of investigation.

One thing is clear — the abilities of psychics who have come to the aid are truly unique. Many details from the life of a young couple, as well as relatives and relatives present at the cemetery, speak about the strength of mediums. Ahead of us are waiting for exciting stories and secrets, which will try to shed light, and other heroes of the «Battle of psychics.» We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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