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Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest & raquo;: tribal program for the destruction of the genus and the mysterious murder of an elderly couple

«Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest»: generic program for the destruction of the kind and the mysterious murder of an elderly couple

Four psychics take part in this release at once. The first three finalists of “Battle” investigate a series of deaths, each year taking relatives from a large family. The second part of the issue is devoted to the tragedy in which retired spouses died in terrible circumstances.

In a large family, not old people are dying. For 15 years, almost every year fragile women bury their loved ones. In this issue, Vitaly Gibert, Victoria Rydos and Elena Golunova will try to shed light on a strange series of frightening deaths.

Elena Golunova

Witch Golunova sheds light on the pages of this kind. After the preparatory ritual told about the people depicted in the proposed photo. The clairvoyant continued to amaze women, and revealed the details of their lives, which she could not know.

Her visions led to the cause of the death of relatives — this is a terrible cancer disease.

She believes that the curse is passed on the generic branch, and is not going to stop. It is launched on the parents of the present sisters. However, after the early death of the mother of two sisters left in a boarding school, and thus they were able to get rid of the constant effects of damage. Elena decided to help those present, and to remove damage.

She did this type of work to make the ecology of the body better, and if the cancer continues to “run down” the family, it will be easier for doctors without a negative program to cope with this disease.

Victoria Rydos

Victoria took advantage of the black candle, and with the help of the energy of the fire she set about the task. She accurately identified the living and the dead from the photograph, and correctly identified the relationship. Also, like Elena, she told incredible details from the lives of those present.

According to Victoria, the relationship of kinship is always clearly visible, and she had no problems with the definition of blood ties.

Victoria admitted that she immediately felt a terrible affliction entangling the family, and conducted a ritual calling on deceased relatives to understand the cause of the strange deaths. The details, which the clairvoyant continued to speak, kept even the film crew in suspense.

According to Victoria, the genus is pursued by a tough generic program that went from the father of the sisters. It was a strong resentment that triggered a terrible disease, constantly taking away the closest and dearest people to a family melting from year to year.

Victoria Rydos also agreed to help clean the dirt. According to her, the ceremony is not a treatment, but contributes to the purification of the human energy field. Strength of mind and a life without resentment should help everyone cope with difficulties and overcome them.

Both clairvoyants gave their recommendations, and in turn called upon the women who applied to undergo timely examination, so that the disease, if it starts, was detected at an early stage, and was successfully cured by professional doctors.

Vitaly Gibert

The psychic has determined that one of the women present is very similar to him in energy, is able to feel the subtle world and the Signs of the Universe. Evgenia admitted that she often predicted the future, and influenced future events. Vitaly advised her to trust her inner instinct, and develop it towards the light, without resorting to black magic rituals.

Concerning the death of relatives, Vitaly Hybert said that he sees a lot of blackness, which is gradually expanding. He was in solidarity with previous psychics — this is a generic program. But Vitaly felt guilty for a man in a race that used magic, and not always competently. The psychic decided to atone for the sins of this ancestor, remove all the negative that was present, and thereby heal the survivors.

Ritual conducted with the youngest girl — Eugenia. He helped her see her ancestor and describe him. Then he asked her to concentrate, and send him his love and inner strength.

This meditation, according to Vitaly, helped to get rid of fear, and thus protect the whole race from the blackness, literally devouring the power of women, and the ancestor of such intervention brought peace.

Mystery murder

The inexplicable death of parents in a country house, strange messages with threats and reminders of retribution, as well as a deadly investigation scares the unknown. Vera, who lost her parents in a terrible fire, and learned that her father had died at the hands of murderers, decided to seek advice from a psychic to help shed light on the events.

At the scene of the fire, the psychic Kazhetta carefully examined the burned house, and began to tell the visions that came to her. She accurately described the people living in it, the details of their lives. Vera, the daughter of the victims, had the impression that the shaman was personally acquainted with her parents.

Cashetta correctly named the time of the fire, and described the death of the mother. The father, according to her, got out of the house and died on the street. Vera was shocked to follow the shaman, who led her to the place of the death of her parent.

She reported that death was caused by stab wounds inflicted by unknowns.

According to her, it is likely that the father of Faith someone crossed the road when he began to run his business. He became angry, and could communicate harshly with the closest people. The last years of his life he did not get along with anyone.

Vera shared her guesses in which she blamed her ex-spouse, but the shaman did not confirm the woman’s fears.

Regarding the murder, Cashetta said that the reason was monetary debts. The spirits told her that it was the energy of greed that blocked the energy of grace, which was the reason for such terrible revenge. Cashetta calmed Vera, saying that the killers would be caught, and a young guy would do it.

The woman confirmed that the case of the death of her family is led by a young investigator.

Psychics believe that every person is able to change his life and fight for a happy future. However, in this struggle there is no place for negative emotions and manifestations. It is integrity and the desire to help become the basis of future victories and a long happy life. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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