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Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest & raquo;: investigating the death of Ilona Novoselova

«Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest»: an investigation into the death of Ilona Novoselova

On June 12, the dark witch Ilona Novoselova died after falling from the balcony of her apartment. No one knows the reasons and details. In this issue you will learn terrible secrets and all that has not been said before.

Relatives and loved ones cannot recover from the hardest blow. Other psychics cannot accept her death until the end, so they speak about her so far only in the present tense. At the beginning of the release, footage is shown from the very first appearance of Ilona in the world of television. At the «Battle of the Psychics,» her appearance was remembered forever by the operators, who were frightened by the appearance of a black cat on the set.

After that, Ilona left the shooting, refusing to participate. The following year she returned.

Ilona’s predictions, her experiences

In all her predictions take part her dead relatives. The girl sees the spirits through whom she predicts the future, learns about diseases and, of course, with the help of which she passed all the trials of the Battle of psychics.

Ilona graced the transfer of «Psychics are investigating.» Alexander Sheps said that his words that Ilona was the strongest, the most gifted is not an act of goodwill, but true truth. So about the witch responded almost all the mediums, psychics from the show.

They often heard that her fate was decided.

In this issue we were shown, or rather, reminded, how easily it determined the diseases of people, not only those whom she saw at the moment, but also those who were far from her. Each time the perfume helped her to do the impossible. On the set of one of the “battles”, the girl helped a random person, predicting problems that can be solved by tying with alcohol.

Even the psychics themselves went to Ilona Novoselova for advice, recognizing in her a strong personality, a strong medium, and even a psychologist.

Many of her colleagues claim that she was the most straightforward of all. She had nothing to say about the person what she thought of him. This was the case with an important acquaintance with one of the psychics, when she expressed her dislike. She did not tolerate the spirit of people who communicate with her with high.

In this issue showed the girl who brought the witch out of themselves with their disagreement. Her disdain, lack of respect, she was easily offended by not taking her seriously. She was vulnerable, so she could not ignore other people’s misfortunes.

When she investigated the causes of the death of a boy named Kolya, she constantly recalled how they mocked her at school, as she had no father either. Constant parallels with myself showed that she, too, was experiencing. As Ziraddin Rzayev said in this issue, all the problems of people leave the family. Ilona had no education, she did not have a normal base of communication with people.

Indeed, at the age of 12, her mother took her from school.

Ilona’s work, her last years of life

Further in this issue we decided to acquaint us closely with the relations of Alexander Sheps and Ilona. In the 14th season of the Battle of psychics, they were friends, and perhaps even more than just friends. Then, on the program of the Battle of the Strongest, they met and retired for a personal conversation, but the tension between them was immediately visible. Tension appeared immediately after coming to the Battle of Marilyn Kerro.

It was a ticking time bomb — the girls had a very bad fight. On the program «Psychics are investigating,» Marilyn said that she works alone. The poison Marilyn Ilona reacted very hot. It was then that the girl uttered her famous words: “Then I myself will die.

I am not afraid of death, I am preparing for it. ”

The guests of the September 16 issue said that the black bar predicted by Ilona began to manifest itself after the abduction, when the harassment and baseless accusations in social networks began. Golunova said that it was then that her inner world began to collapse. Every tragedy on the set she let through.

Golunova also noted that Ilona’s energy industry was colossal.

At the end of the release, we were shown unique footage from the filming of the Battle of the Strongest, when Ilona helped investigate numerous car arsons. She held a real black witch’s rite. In the past, it was not shown to us, but now the viewers will be able to witness how the fate of a person was received and corresponded. Everyone around was creepy.

No one knows what she really did, but the fires immediately stopped. It was on that very day that she said that she wanted to still live.

Psychics shared their opinions about the causes of Ilona’s death. Everyone said it was an accident. No one said it was suicide.

She was too strong to end her journey like this.

A great psychic even after death can make itself felt. Ilona flew a dove to her home. Her young man said something that did not have time, after which the dove sighed and flew away.

In the police, when Ilona’s mother wrote testimony, the light flashed and the computer turned off. She also loved to instill fear in people while she was alive, but she did not change her weaknesses after death.

The funeral was to be held in the strictest confidence. Ilona was afraid that her grave would be defiled, so she asked for cremation. The young man and mother went to the sea to dispel the dust there. The path of the girl ended in the endless abyss of water.

This issue has shed light on all that we did not know. We express our gratitude to the relatives of Ilona Novoselova for such honesty. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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