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Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest & raquo;: the curse of the black bride

«Psychics are investigating: the battle of the strongest»: the curse of the black bride

The best of the best continue to help people who need the advice and support of psychics. In the 7th episode of The Battle of the Strongest, medium psychologist Alexander Sheps, the witch Marilyn Kerro, and the shaman Ekaterina Ryzhikova revealed the secrets of the black bride from the city of Gorokhovets.

Three of the strongest psychics arrived in Gorokhovets at the request of the girl Tatiana. Three lovers of a young woman died in terrible accidents a short time after the start of a relationship. By a strange coincidence, all the young people bore the name of Sergei.

Sergey Sova became Tatiana’s first love: young people began dating at 15 and did not plan to leave for a minute. However, a year later, Sergei went to study in another city, and a few months later died in a terrible accident, never before he reached his majority. Heartbroken Tatyana did not have time to recover from her grief, as she lost her best friend: Sergey, whose name was not called on the air, died 15 days after Sergey Owl.

For two years, the girl could not even think about the relationship and any communication with the opposite sex. But over time, mental wounds healed, and Tatiana fell in love again: the third Sergey also died in a car accident. Friends and acquaintances began to avoid Tatiana: rumors circulated around the city that in some mysterious way the girl was involved in the death of her lovers.

After a while, Tatyana found her love again, and she is terribly afraid for the fate of her young man.

Alexander Sheps, Marilyn Kerro and Ekaterina Ryzhikova, who arrived in Gorokhovets, immediately received an envelope with photos of three Sergeyevs. After some time, they set out to work together and easily determined that all young people are currently dead. It was clear that Marilyn and Alexander easily managed to work together, while Catherine did not feel too confident.

However, all three psychics correctly named the names of young people and determined that their deaths are connected by a common stream.

The second stage of the investigation was a meeting of psychics with shocked relatives, watching the previous stage on the screen. The main heroine of the plot felt a special thrill, and it soon became clear that it was not for nothing.

As soon as she saw Tatiana, Marilyn immediately determined that the girl was a young mother. To a direct question, the girl reluctantly admitted that in the letter she hid some details of her life. It turned out that Tatiana is not a bride at all, but a legitimate wife and mother of a two-month-old son.

She explained to the surprised film crew that she did not finish speaking about the circumstances of her life because she was terribly afraid for the fate of her husband and constantly thinks that it is she who is guilty of the death of her lovers.

Search for graves

In order to understand the deaths of six and five years ago, it was decided to visit the local cemetery and talk with the spirits of the dead young people at their graves. Upon arrival, psychics once again shocked the audience.

Initially it was assumed that every psychic had to find the grave of one of Sergeyev. But Marilyn, just picking up her photo, immediately said that there was no way to the grave. It means that one of the young people is not buried in this churchyard. Relatives confirmed her words, and Marilyn took another photo.

The second victim «called» for a medium of Alexander Sheps, and the magic pair went in different directions.

Shamanka Ekaterina Ryzhikova went her own way, explaining that cemeteries act on her in a completely different way. She helped psychics to the best of her abilities, conducting a mysterious rite, the purpose of which she never explained.

Meanwhile, Alexander Sheps easily found the grave of the deceased Sergei: his leading phantoms showed the direction to the medium, providing the necessary information along the way. Once on the grave, Alexander conveyed to Sergey’s mother that the young man does not need a monument, and asks to leave the old wooden cross and photo on the grave. After that, the psychic shocked his relatives, saying that Sergei had died because of the curse he had brought.

Marilyn’s search did not go so smoothly: the witch found several graves in which the namesake of the person she wanted lay. After getting angry after several setbacks, Marilyn found the right trail and quickly reached the right grave. Literally 5 minutes later, on the other side, Alexander came to the same grave.

Upon seeing Tatiana for the second time, Marilyn said that while she was walking around the cemetery in search of the grave, she was informed that the girl had hidden the death of another person from psychics: «There should be not three, but four» — declared the witch.

Under the watchful gaze, Tatyana could not be silent and confessed that in fact she had lost not three, but four lovers. The fourth was a guy named Nikita, with whom Tatiana met in Nizhny Novgorod. The beloved man died in the hands of the girl, and she still does not understand what caused such a strange and instant death.

Hearing the words of Tatiana, Alexander suddenly realized who exactly brought the curse on young people. He said that this man is alive and is among those who came to the cemetery. According to the medium, the girl herself launched a terrible series of deaths, telling each lover about their fears and forebodings.

“You have an extremely powerful word power: it is both a gift and a curse” — the psychic told Tatiana.

Marilyn and Catherine joined the opinion of Alexander. They advised the girl to rebuild her mind and not to speak out loud about her bad forebodings. The psychics assured that Tatiana was by no means to blame for the death of those she loved: the girl simply sped up what was intended.

Having calmed Tatiana and her relatives, the psychics left Gorokhovets.

Many strong psychics who have already proved an unusual gift continue to help people and give them hope. Continue to follow the development of the “Battle of the Strongest” with us. We wish you a pleasant viewing, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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