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Psychic Battle & raquo; Season 17, Season 12 Issue: Psychics Test Each Other’s Strengths

«The Battle of Psychics» Season 17 17 Issue: Psychics tested each other’s strengths

The 12th edition of the 17th season became the most intriguing in the whole history of the “Battle”. Both assignments of this series provoked heated debate among the viewers and revealed the true relationship between the project participants.

The final of the 17th season of “The Battle of Psychics” is inexorably approaching: there are only five participants left, and the next edition will determine four finalists. Each new series opens a veil of secrecy over each participant.

For example, in one of the past episodes, Marilyn Kerro told about her relationship with Alexander Sheps, hitting the fans of this mystical couple with unexpected news.

What tests expected psychics in the 12th edition of season 17

In this series, the five remaining participants were waiting for two extremely unusual tasks. At the beginning, participants had to tell a photo about a girl and understand what happened to her. The heroine of the release, Catherine, is seriously ill: the girl suffers from anorexia and is close to the final exhaustion, which threatens her with death at the age of 21.

Catherine and her mother Tatiana were impressed by Marilyn Kerro and Swami Dashi: only they, for their part, were able to reach the girl and made her understand that the problem really exists.

Neither Nadezhda Shevchenko, nor Dariya Voskoboeva found the right words for the sick girl, although they correctly determined her condition. Ivan Vlasov could not understand at all that Catherine consciously brought herself to such a state.

As a result, the strongest psychics could affect the girl’s life: Catherine began to eat and gradually gain weight.

The second task struck both TV viewers and participants. The presenter Marat Basharov explained to the assembled psychics that they would have to choose the strongest and weakest participant independently, testing each other’s abilities.

To accomplish this task, psychics had to take turns in the role of artists: each of the participants conducted a kind of art therapy session, while the others tried to see the drawing on the other side of the easel.

Best of all, Marilyn coped with the task, accurately naming all the images, colors, as well as determining the energy of the drawings. Nadezhda Shevchenko was in second place: two absolute hits, one inaccurate description and two misses. Swami Dashi did not say anything concrete, but afterwards he admitted that he did not invest and did not join in this task.

The last place was shared by Dariya and Ivan.

However, in the white envelope, two people ended up in the first test: Marilyn Kerro and Swami Dashi shared a well-deserved victory. There was no one in the black envelope, because the jury board could not identify the weakest participant.

The next issue will identify the four finalists and will bring the 17th season of the “Battle of Psychics” to the finish line. Follow the developments with us. We wish you a pleasant viewing, good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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