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Psychic Battle & raquo ;: Season 17 17 Issue Watch Online

The Battle of Psychics: Season 17 17 issue watch online

That is the end of the 17th season of the “Battle of Psychics”. The country stopped waiting for an answer to the question of who will be the strongest this time. Maybe the 17th issue will not only reveal this mystery.

Throughout the season, psychics delighted us with their work and surprised us with their secrets. Of the final four, all are worthy of the main prize — the coveted cup in the form of a blue hand. Despite the stubborn struggle, there are only two real contenders for victory, and you know who it is: Swami Dashi and Marilyn Kerro.

Who has any chance of winning

In fact, the chances of winning a lot like Dashi and Kerro. Marilyn is the third time in the “Battle”. She managed to please everyone. This lovely girl found her love here, found happiness and tried her luck.

But that very moment came when the desire to win was stronger than anything else for her.

Viewers voting is the most objective method for choosing a winner. Carro’s abilities hit everyone again, but can the Estonian witch take her hand with her this time? The love of the public can save her, but there is a chance that this still will not be enough to defeat the charisma of Swami Dashi.

Experts estimate the chances of these two participants as about the same.

Information about the winner leaked to the network

There are rumors all around the internet that the results of the secret ballot were known in advance. They say that the hand will get Dasha. In almost every release of the show he was either the first or the second. From the very beginning, it became clear that a psychic has great potential.

In one of the past issues, during the filming, the guests of the program felt the power of the psychic themselves.

When the participants of the show had to find out whose house they were in, Swami Dashi was able to make an energetic connection with the spirit of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The guests heard the water begin to flow, but this was not the case. Immediately, two people were able to feel something frightening and startling at the same time, witnessing paranormal activity.

It is too early for the psychic fans to rejoice, for the news may turn out to be a lie, but it still gives some inspiration and hope. One way or another, but on Saturday we will know everything, but for now it’s worth hoping for the victory of your favorite participant.

It is possible that in the last release of the show we will learn about the secrets and the history of the finalists. Maybe they will tell us about the mysterious Swami Dashi, about the good Hope Shevchenko, about Darya Voskoboeva, who was also able to amaze everyone with her talents and straightforwardness and, of course, about the public’s favorite, Marilyn Kerro. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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