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On the battle of psychics & raquo; Season 14 was first shown a seance

At the “Battle of the Psychics” season 14, a seance session was first shown

The 14th season of the “Battle of psychics” became the most mystical and unpredictable season in the history of the show. Miracles and inexplicable things happen almost on the set of each test. In the 5th series of the show, the participants were to investigate the death of a seventeen-year-old guy, whose death was caused by a fall from the tenth floor.

The boy’s parents and his friends still do not believe that he committed suicide, so they decided to seek help from psychics.

Psychics were supposed to feel the energy of the deceased based on his paintings, to tell about him and about his mysterious death. This difficult test could pass only five participants.

Ekaterina Ryzhikova accurately identified the appearance of the deceased and his hobbies. She was inclined to think that he still could not rush into the guy from the roof of the house, he was helped.

Marilyn Kerro and Frau Rotter also correctly described Vasily, but opinions on the cause of his death were divided. Marilyn Kerro felt that the boy was still pushed off the roof. And Alla Zakharovna Rotter was in full confidence that he committed suicide.

Danis Glinstein, the medium, was also confident that the boy was killed by a violent death. Moreover, Glinstein was able to describe his killers. He even managed to hear the voice of the deceased guy, who suddenly suddenly called the name of his friend, who at that time was watching everything happening in another room from the monitor screen.

But the most real mysticism began to occur when Alexander Sheps appeared on the test. As soon as the psychic began to approach the pictures and tune in to receive information from the other world, suddenly the pictures began to sway strongly, and one of them, standing on an easel, suddenly fell. According to Alexander Sheps, it was a sign. Sign that the soul of Basil is very close.

Just a couple of seconds later, Sheps had already embarked on a real seance to hear what the spirit of the deceased would say.

The guy’s parents were shocked when psychic Alexander Sheps began to pronounce the catch phrases of their son. All those present had the impression that Vasya was indeed nearby. However, how he died, Vasya did not want to talk to Sheps in order not to upset his parents.

It was obvious to everyone: just now, in front of everyone, Alexander Sheps was able to contact the deceased Vasily. The boy’s parents could not recover for a long time after all that had happened. In an interview after the filming of the program, they admitted that they were shocked that Sheps gave all the phrases and words typical of their son.

But despite the fact that Alexander Sheps was once again shocked by his abilities, the jury assessed him quite strictly, because he could not answer the main question of the test: whether the boy himself jumped off the roof of the house or he was pushed.

On the «Battle of psychics» season 14 is becoming more intrigue and unpredictability. This concerns not only the tests themselves, but also the decisions of the jury. In the fifth series, the Safronov brothers and the rest of the shooting heroes came to the conclusion that the psychic Danis Glinstein was the best psychic of the day.

But the worst member of the jury has not chosen, respectively, this time no one left the show. We continue to root for our favorite participants of the “Battle” and do not forget to press and

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