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New season of the Battle of psychics beginning September 3

New season of «Battle of psychics» beginning on September 3 of the year

Fans of the “Battle of psychics” are waiting and trembling in anticipation: very soon the new season of the beloved paranormal show, which promises to be intriguing, will be released on the screens.

According to the latest information, the new, 17 in a row, season of the “Battle of psychics” will begin very soon — on September 3. Earlier it was reported that he will be released later, on the 17th, and this greatly emphasized the mystical significance of the number 17 this season.

You can expect anything you want, because the whole show is connected with paranormal phenomena and amazing, sometimes unimaginable abilities of the participants. This time the selection promises to be particularly impressive, since the casting took place not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg: the organizers decided to look for talented and strong psychics throughout Russia.

As usual, applicants’ abilities will be tested in standard screening tests. The first of these is to find out with the help of your data what is behind the dense black screen. The second is to find a car with a man in the trunk, among many others. At this stage, most of the volunteers are eliminated, first of all, of course, the charlatans.

Further, only the strongest psychics will be determined who will take part in the show.


Even at the very stage of recruiting participants, very interesting cases sometimes arise. For example, it happens that psychics return and repeatedly experience their fate in order to become participants of the “Battle of Psychics” show. So it was with Marilyn Kerro, who had already managed to participate in this project twice and prove her unique abilities.

By the way, she was joking that she would be back for the third time. Curious spectators lifted the veil of secrecy: now some participants of the 17th season are already known

It also happened that family members or followers of those psychics who had already participated before in the show came. This is the situation with Alexey and Roman Fad, father and son. It is known that Dariya Voskoboeva, who belongs to the coven of Natalia Banteyeva and Tatyana Larina, also took part in the casting of this year. Natalya Banteeva won the 9th season of “The Battle of Psychics”, and her student Tatyana Larina did not yield to her in talent.

Probably, with the support of the coven and Dariya Voskoboeva, she will show herself as a worthy successor to the knowledge of her mentor.

Even already known psychics want to try their luck in such an interesting and large-scale project. At the casting, Regina Fedorenko and Irina Maklakova were spotted.

Interesting information about the project “Battle of psychics”

There are similar shows on many television programs in many countries. Analogs are removed in Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and many more. But the idea itself goes back to the UK show “Britain’s Psychic Challenge”, which is very similar in principle and identical in subject.

Participants in the “battle of psychics” are often accused of quackery, bribery, and other unfriendly deeds that allegedly refute their mystical abilities. Often, as evidence, the pages of participants in the show on the Internet are quoted, where the prices for performing rituals are indicated. This, as some believe, proves that the show is nothing more than the promotion of psychics who paid for it.

Indian psychic even sued this program. Nevertheless, those who follow the “Battle” itself, even through the TV screen, sometimes point out the truly phenomenal and truthful possibilities of some participants in the “Psychic Battle”.

Follow the latest news about the new, 17th season of the show “Battle of psychics” with us. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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