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Natalia Pravdina: which of us choose the money for feng shui

Natalia Pravdina: which of us choose the money for feng shui

Feng Shui expert Natalia Pravdina shared interesting facts about human compatibility and monetary energy in Feng Shui. According to her, the relationship between a person and money develops according to his element according to Feng Shui. This does not mean that someone in life will get less, but someone more.

You just need to find harmony with your element — and the trick is in the hat!

To understand how to manage your element so that the money goes into your pocket, Natalia Pravdina proposes to determine her element by year of birth.

The last digit of the year of birth tells about what element of Feng Shui you belong to.

  • 0, 1 — metal
  • 2, 3 — water
  • 4, 5 — tree
  • 6, 7 — fire
  • 8, 9 — land

Element Earth — will save a favorite cause and optimism

Element Earth in Feng Shui means stability, reliability and confidence. It is this capital that people of this element should have. However, often the people of this element themselves limit their luck and opportunities to their pessimistic statements and attitude.

Representatives of this element often block the cash flow with negative thoughts that they will fail, that they are not worthy of this and other useless experiences. Another important aspect is that most of the money to people of the elements Earth brings a favorite thing. When they do something with a soul, their forces always return to them in monetary terms.

So it makes sense to think about how to turn your hobby into a source of income.

Element Tree — do not waste time

This element of accuracy, order, preservation and reliability. However, pettiness sometimes prevents further development. Natalia Pravdina also recommends a more careful attitude to money. Watch how the money is in the wallet, if there is any chaos in it.

Do not throw money around the house, they should always be in place. Even people of this element are advised to keep large bills with them. To do this, try to change small money for large.

Element Metal — desire more

Metal symbolizes hardness, dedication and endurance. It is very important for people of this element to tie their money to specific goals, only then will they multiply. Natalia Pravdina advises more often to set goals and know how much money will be needed for their implementation.

It is important to plan your expenses and income. Also, representatives of the element Metal should not be afraid of their desires — desire more and raise the bar. Stability is not for you, for you — constant growth and development.

Element Water — live easier

The element of Water is the variability and the embodiment of dreams. The peculiarity of the people of this element is that very often their thoughts materialize in reality. It is important for them to keep track of their words, desires and thoughts. You should not consider money to be dirty and rich people unworthy.

Learn to think about money with respect.

Gradually raise the bar of your life. Dream big. Allow yourself more than you can.

Do not be afraid to live beyond your means even sometimes. Do not regret the money spent on yourself. Indulge yourself and do not think about the lack of money.

Make purchases in a good mood and part with money with a smile, and not with regret, then money will reach out.

Element Fire — need to spend

Fire is the element of activity and power. Allow yourself to spend money. Savings and constant stash for a rainy day only inhibit the movement of cash flow.

Money in the hands of representatives of this element must always be in motion. Surprisingly, but the financial situation of people of the element of Fire is connected with their personal lives. If you have not had an intimate life for a long time, then, most likely, there is no money either.

When near a loved one — the universe opens up opportunities for enrichment.

Use the power of your element in feng shui, and the money will reach for you! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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