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Natalia Pravdina: cash haircuts in October

Natalia Pravdina: cash haircuts in October

Natalya Pravdina — a master in positive thinking and feng shui — will tell you how to combine business with pleasure and not only create a new image, refreshing your hair, but also attract money into your life.

Using the advice of Natalia Pravdina and the recommendations of the lunar calendar haircuts, you can positively affect your health, as well as attract additional income, opening money channels. And friends and colleagues will tirelessly compliment your transformed look.

Our hair accumulates in itself not only useful information and energy, but also all the negative that we pass through. That is why, even if you have long hair and you are not going to change your hairstyle in the near future, such a procedure as trimming the hair or just cutting the bangs can significantly improve not only your health, but also your financial condition.

Days for cash cuts in october

The first half of October is not a good time for changing hairstyles. But this period can be used for closing loans and returning loans. If you have debts that hang dead weight, then a haircut from October 1 to October 12 will help in paying off debts.

October 14

This day is suitable for those who want to achieve career growth. If you are applying for a higher position with a salary increase, you should change your haircut on this particular day. The senior management will see in you a renewed, purposeful and successful person and will decide in your favor. The new image will give confidence in yourself and your abilities, which will allow you to achieve your goals much easier and faster.

But do not relax and think that the new hairstyle will do everything for you. Remember that you are a first-class specialist and know your job better than others.

October 15

Time for cash opportunities. If you have long dreamed of a fascinating journey or a trip to a long-awaited concert, today is the right day to visit a hairdresser. Risking to change the haircut on this day, you will attract new fans who will be ready to pay for your every whim and make every wish come true. Properly using flirting and sincerely admiring men, you are guaranteed to receive financial support from the strong half of humanity.

And it can be both old friends that have been proven over the years, and men who are not indifferent to you, whom you will meet during this period.

The 20th of October

If you decide to change your image on this day, luck will be on your side all month. You can suddenly win the lottery or just find a decent amount on the road. Feel free to take part in any gambling and disputes.

The only condition — as a winnings you need to voice a certain amount of money. Disputes over a chocolate bar or going to a restaurant would be a losing option, since luck would only accompany money in its real form.

October 24

If you decide to get passive income from investing in real estate or securities, today is the right day for change. Set a haircut for today, and you will be offered the most profitable projects for investment that will bring you the desired income in the future. Do not get hung up on one thing.

It is better to divide the amount you have into several parts and invest in different directions. Such an approach can bring not only a large one-time profit, but also provide interest over a long period.

27th October

By changing your hairstyle today, you will make a good contribution for the next month. If you have been looking for income for a long time that will not take much time, but will bring pleasure and a corresponding profit, you need to do hair cutting today. It’s time to remember about your hobby and take appropriate actions to attract customers: to advertise in newspapers and social networks, tell your friends and acquaintances.

By setting clear goals and following the horoscope of Natalia Pravdina’s hairstyles, you will achieve your goal much faster. Do not be afraid to experiment with the image, the main thing is confidence in yourself and your attractiveness. Conquer peaks and do not forget to press the buttons and

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