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Marilyn Kerro is back in the battle of psychics & raquo ;: 13th participant of the 17th season

Marilyn Kerro returned to the “Psychic Battle”: 13th participant of the 17th season

The new season of the “Battle of psychics” at the very beginning surprises and continues to be the most mystical show. Marilyn Kerro, already twice participating in the show, returned to conquer the peaks.

The new 13th participant of the “Battle of the Psychics”: Marilyn Kerro is back

The surprise was the return to the show of the Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro. For the third time, she wants to try her luck and, in the end, to win the desired first place. Fans were waiting for her and hoping.

Now she will again show everyone what she can do. She took part in the show “Battle of psychics” twice already: in 14 and 16 seasons. Both times she proved to be truly one of the strongest.

Both times she took second place, which clearly did not give her peace of mind. Back at the end of season 16, she joked that she would return. Now she has realized her intentions and it can be assumed that she will go to the end, making even more efforts.

Nor did the Estonian witch participate in the qualifiers or in the first two tests. Perhaps this was not necessary: ​​after all, her unique gift is already well known to all those who follow the world of psychics. Many could feel it on themselves, following the recommendations of Marilyn on how to fall in love with himself.

Nevertheless, the hard-nosed and tirelessly striving for the top of Marilyn Kerro will again compete with the participants of the show “The Battle of Psychics. There has never been such a time when a participant returns to the project for the third time. Let’s hope that the number 13 will not be unhappy for her and will not block the path to victory.

But a completely natural question also arose: how did the young man Marilyn, Alexander Sheps, react to this? And then the details were revealed, which upset many.

As Marilyn Kerro said, for the past week they have not lived together and he has no idea that his beloved has again come to the “Battle of psychics”. Fans of this couple in love may have noticed that sad dramatic poems appeared on the wall of Alexander Sheps. On the other hand, Marilyn herself repeatedly stated that she was not going to marry Sheps.

Of course, one cannot say whether this is a final break or whether the young ones scold — they just amuse themselves. In any case, now season 17 will become even more intriguing. And to Alexander Sheps and Marilyn Kerro, we, of course, wish to come to an understanding and make peace.

New challenging test season 17 «Battle of psychics»

The first task was only four participants. The leading skeptic Sergei Safronov introduced the young man to the participants of the show. Opposite were pregnant young women, and one of them is expecting a child from the main character of the test. This clairvoyant from Ivanovo, Dmitry Vysotsky, Dariya Voskoboeva and Swami Dashi successfully passed this test.

On this test, the first secrets and details of the life of psychics were revealed. TV viewers learned that Natalya Shevchenko could not stand the joke with a fake pregnancy because she remembered her personal tragedy. She was carrying a dead child for a long time.

That is what made her leave without completing the ordeal. Swami Dashi struck everyone with the fact that he was the father of four children, while the youngest was 6 years old, and the eldest was already 34. But it was amazing that he himself took birth and helped them to be born.

The second task was, to put it mildly, not for the faint of heart. Psychics needed to help uncover the real murder. There were those who saw and described the girl, as well as what happened to her on that fateful night. There were also those who could not hold their emotions in their hands and help their relatives find out: who deprived them of their daughter.

Dariya Voskoboeva and Swami Dashi even found the place where the unfortunate victim was discovered, while describing what the criminal was wearing. The multifaceted witch Nadezhda Shevchenko did not yield to them. These strongest psychics are now among the favorites of many TV viewers, so you can judge their chances of winning by personal horoscopes of the participants of the 17th season.

So ended the first test. Now Marilyn Kerro will take part in all the tasks along with the other participants of the show. We wish them all strength and good luck on the way to victory. Follow the «battle of psychics»and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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