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Lubomir Epiphany: participant in the 17th season of the Battle of psychics

Lubomir Epiphany: participant in the 17 season of the «Battle of psychics»

There are a lot of rumors around this person, many intrigues and interesting facts are connected with him. They say that not just another «ordinary» participant in the TV show «The Battle of Psychics» is a real magician with knowledge of black magic and esotericism.

Each participant of the show is talented and has its own special abilities. Season 17 is full of surprises and intrigues, so you need to know the participants as best you can. We already told about the favorites of the 17th season of “The Battle of Psychics”, and it is time to get to know the participants closer.

Who is Lubomir

The biography of this character is very curious. His real name is Pavel Nesterenko. About the place of birth of Lubomir nothing, unfortunately, is unknown.

By nationality, he is Ukrainian and currently lives in Kiev.

Lubomir was born on July 9th. Year of birth is not known. In life, he looks like an ordinary person, but his shows and amulets cast strange associations on the show. These are red robes and diabolical pentagrams, from which many people feel uneasy.

According to Lubomyr, the red dress is associated with the ministry of the element of Fire.

Since childhood, he devoted his life to God, as he was a novice in a monastery, and also wrote Orthodox books. Over time, his views changed and he gave himself completely to Satan. Choosing a pseudonym for himself, he settled on Lucifer Besoiavlensky, but for the 17th season of the show “The Battle of Psychics” he changed it to something else — Lyubomir Bogoyavlensky.

After the change of the highest «mentor» he did not stop writing, so he co-authored the book «The New Testament of Satan.» At the moment, it is part of the satanic community «Bozhychi», which is known in Ukraine. They even built a temple, but disgruntled residents burned it.

This is an educated person, very intelligent and experienced in terms of analyzing human essence. He graduated from the Nezhinsky State University named after Nikolai Gogol, receiving the profession of psychologist. Now he is directly involved in clinical psychology, bioenergy, psychosomatics, extrasensory perception, personality theory, occult philosophy, tarology and writing. He provides counseling services, helping relieve stress, get rid of complexes and fears.

He predicts the future with the help of Tarot cards, deals with the search for energy gaps in the body, the removal of damage and the evil eye, generic curses. He also works with karma.

The participation of Lubomir Epiphany in the «Battle of psychics»

As for the show itself and participation in it, Pavel Nesterenko was able to successfully pass the test with a screen, but could not find a person in the trunk of cars. Despite this fact, Lubomir still got into the list of participants of the main part of the show. The curious fact is that even Marilyn Kerro could not get through the trunk, finding the man.

Many want to see this “servant of Satan” in season 17 in order to better understand and study this personality.

About the mentor of the great minion of the devil while also nothing is known, but soon we will all know. This is a person with unusual views on life, with a wealth of experience and, as he says, with confidence in his abilities. On the Internet, they talk about the non-standard personal life of the show participant, which creates even more interest.

One way or another, he is tolerant of sexual minorities. Let’s hope that Lubomir Bogoyavlensky himself will tell us all about this.

The beginning of the 17th season of the “Battle of psychics” is officially scheduled for September 3. Soon we will see the power of people who will demonstrate the wonders of esotericism. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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