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Indian psychic sues psychics

Indian psychic sues «the battle of psychics»

The television show “The Battle of Psychics” is one of the most popular among Russians. But both the participants and the project itself has been and is being repeatedly attacked by detractors.

An astrologer from India, Punit Nahat, filed lawsuits in court against several television stations. He argues that the program «The Battle of Psychics» and some other programs («The Fortune Teller», «Another World» and «The Invisible Man») are simply staged, and there can be no talk of any real magical abilities of their participants. Also, Punit Nahata indicates that these psychics provide paid services, and participation in the show becomes very profitable advertising for them.

By filing a lawsuit, the astrologer attached a list of participants in the “Battle of Psychics” indicating their sites and places of work, as well as the services provided.

Earlier, an astrologer from India has already addressed through the lawyers to the channels broadcasting these broadcasts, with the requirement to enter a string that would indicate the imagination of people and events. Punit Nahata argues that this does not meet any ethical standards, because in fact the audience is not aware of the production of these programs and can believe them. They also risk falling under the influence of fraudsters and false healers. According to the astrologer, this is a real deception, which violates the consumer’s right to receive reliable information and does not comply with the legislation on advertising.

Relying on his personal knowledge and abilities, Punit Nahata claims that all these shows are nothing more than the play of actors on the script with the participation of extras.

It should be noted that the famous TV show «The Battle of Psychics» and its participants are not the first time in a similar situation. For example, two participants of the last, 16th season of the TV show, Iolanta and Ross Vornov, claimed that they were victims of a planned PR move (when Sergey Pakhomov allegedly decided to leave the project instead of them), which adversely affected their reputation. Also, this family of psychics assured that the TV channel refuses to upload full-fledged videos with their work.

Julia Wang was exposed by Katya Gordon and the singer Danko: according to them, she didn’t show absolutely any psychic abilities during their personal acquaintance. Also in February, a group of charlatan healers, acting under the leadership of the elder Yuri, also a former member of the “Battle of Psychics”, was detained

To date, information about the closure of the project or the claim is not satisfied. Follow the news about the “Battle of Psychics” and its participants with us and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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