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Ilona Novoselova predicted her death

Ilona Novoselova predicted her death

Prophecies do not always relate only to other people. Sometimes psychics see their future. It happened with the finalist of the 7th season of the show “The Battle of Psychics” — Ilona Novoselova.

On June 13, a tragedy occurred on the Highway of Enthusiasts in Moscow. Ilona was at home with her mother, who saw the worst thing that could happen — the death of her daughter. Ilona fell out of the 6th floor window. The fall was fatal.

Many have suggested that it was a suicide. This version has the right to life, but the truth will remain hidden for us forever.

The witch’s mother says that before the fall the girl was intoxicated. She scolded with her boyfriend on the phone and talked about death while standing on the balcony. Soon a tragedy occurred.

Whether it was an accident or not is currently unknown.

Opinion psychics about the death of Ilona

Her ex-boyfriend Alexander Sheps spoke about the incident. Many do not remember, and some did not even know that there were feelings between them. Alexander knew the witch very well, but not enough to predict what happened.

He published a photo of the deceased girl in his instagram, adding a message in which he expressed gratitude for the fact that Ilona helped him in his time to learn many things. He said that she was always real, without pretense and falsehood. For this, it is worth remembering and loving this.

Dariya Voskoboeva also did not ignore this event. She said that Ilona for her was always a kind of adult child who was constantly tormented by loneliness and psychological problems. She helped many people, but she could not help herself completely.

She was depressed, rude, but that doesn’t mean she was bad. She just did what she knew best. It was her fate, which she apparently took a long time ago. “We will remember her as an outstanding expert in psychic,” said Dariya.

Recently, Ilona often appeared on television in the program «Psychics are investigating.» It is possible that a new trial will appear for psychics — to find out what really happened to Ilona.

The witch predicted her death

Ilona’s friend, Ziraddin Rzayev, spoke out about her death very unusually, mentioning her lifetime words that she would die at the age of 30. Many other people also heard such a prophecy, which, unfortunately, came true. Ilona knew that she was left a little, but did not show the form.

This is a strong man who lived with these thoughts and did not show possible experiences. A girl could have been torn by negative emotions about this, but, as we know, her attitude towards death was always simple. For her it was just a transition, but now it is too late to compare words with facts and her real thoughts.

She will hope that her psychic friends will tell us and find out what was the true cause of the girl’s death and what was her fate in the other world. Ilona herself said that she used to live in Germany in the 19th century. She remembered her life and claimed that in those days she was already interested in magic.

If such a distant past is not a problem, then the future is not so difficult to know.

The girl had many enemies. Already in school, she felt lonely. She studied at home from the age of 12, improving her innate ability to telepathy and black magic.

The girl made enemies all her life, because she was not like other people. As you know, she was abducted for three days for ransom. Such a dynamic and very difficult life is an indicator of uncommonness.

It is rumored that the higher forces or those whom she offended by her actions had revenged for black magic with Ilona’s death, because sometimes she lost control of herself, she didn’t know how to apologize and stop her aggression. Perhaps all this played a role in the formation of the fate of the girl. The witch predicted tragedy because she felt the energy of approaching death.

This inner devastation could increase with every year, week, day, and minute. The question was when it happens.

Meanwhile, people were divided into two camps — those who speak negatively about the witch, uttering words like “there it is dear to her”, and those who sympathize with the girl sincerely, because she did not only bad things, but also helped good people, removing with them curses and clearing their energy, changing fate. Good and evil always live in the neighborhood, as Ilona herself said. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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