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How to choose a girl’s name

How to choose a girl’s name

Choosing a name for a newborn girl is very important, because it will affect the fate of the child and will greatly affect the character. Learn how to pick a girl’s name so that she is happy and successful.

Choosing a Name by Zodiac Sign

A child born under the influence of the element of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is distinguished by curiosity and curiosity. The baby tries to know the world around, touch and see everything, and it becomes a strong trait of her character. Such a child will be different confidence and activity.

Cold names will help to balance the fire element.

You can choose bright names: Snezhana, Angelica, Margarita, Angelina, Valeria. Also the names that the representatives of the fair sex share with men will do: Evgenia, Alexandra, Vasilisa.

Girls born under the sign Gemini, Libra or Aquarius are under the auspices of the element of Air. Such a child usually has a wayward character, the main feature of which is love of freedom. The name should correspond to the nature of the girl, but at the same time “land” her a little.

Bright names will do: Hope, Faith, Love, Sophia, Alina, Olesya, Veronika, Christina.

A girl born under the earthly constellations of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo is a beautiful wife and mother in the future. Such a daughter has a calm disposition and good nature, can be a wonderful friend.

For those born under the auspices of the elements of Earth, calm, domestic names, such as Olga, Tatyana, Ekaterina, Valentina, Anastasia, Antonina, Seraphima, Anna, Daria.

Cancer, Fish and Scorpio are water signs. Their representatives carry a huge amount of incompatible qualities. These are bright and at the same time calm natures, which, like the sea, can change their state in a minute.

The girl, born under these constellations, always wants to be in the center of attention, at the same time, it is never uncomfortably alone with herself.

Bright, happy names that will help direct energy to the benefit of: Julia, Polina, Violetta, Maria, Marina, Ksyusha, Alena.

How to choose a name for the calendar

Our ancestors always chose a name for the child according to the calendar. The choice of the saint was made thanks to simple calculations. By the date of birth the baby was added seven days, that is, if the girl was born on March 9, it turned out 9 + 7 = 16, in the end it turned out on March 16. After again they took the date when the child was born, and added 40 days: 9 + 40 = 49.

March 31 is the day, which means that the number 49 corresponds to April 18.

Between the two dates, March 16 and April 18, a Saint has already chosen the day of remembrance. Her name was given to the girl, and she was also baptized. And the chosen patron saint for life became a guardian angel girl.

Each parent wishes his beloved child of a favorable fate and seeks to do everything necessary for the child. It is worth starting with the name. The right choice to reflect on the fate of the girl and will be able to highlight the strengths of her personality and get rid of possible shortcomings of character. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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