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How does a name affect a person’s fate and character?

How does a name affect a person’s fate and character?

Do you like your name? Do you feel any discomfort at all when someone calls you by name? If so, then you are a happy man!

Your name is fully consistent with your appearance, and your character, and lifestyle, and all that is associated with you. However, many people are not happy with what their parents called at birth. Sometimes the reason for this — the incoherent pronunciation of the name and surname. Therefore, many people change their names.

Is this right or not? Is it even possible to change the name and surname given by the parents, and what consequences await those who nevertheless changed the entries on the second page of the passport?

If you do not like your name, you can easily change it. However, before you do this, think carefully. Maybe this is a whim, and you just decided to be called as well as your favorite actor or hero from the movie.

It is unlikely to bring you what you are waiting for.

If you decide to change the name

When changing your name or surname, you must be completely sure that you need it. Remember that your fate can change along with the name. Life can change dramatically, and, unfortunately, not always for the better.

The name of the person contains a large flow of information. After all, for sure, you are not the only one who bears this name and surname. So, changing your name, you forever move away from the energy that protected you, or vice versa, attracted failures.

How to choose the best name

There are several tips for choosing the right name. First, it must be «rubber», that is, such that it can form from it derivatives and diminutive forms. For example, the name Ivan: Vanya, Vanechka, Vano, Vanek, Vanyusha and so on. Secondly, the name should be well combined with the surname and patronymic.

Thirdly, it should be sonorous and not carry aggression in itself. If you want to change your name or name the child so that it gives a soft character, you need to choose such names that combine soft sounds. For example, Ksenia, Julia, Alexey and others.

It often happens that a child is named after one of the older members of the family. Then he grows up and realizes that he is not comfortable with his name. This happens when a person simply cannot associate his identity with his name. There are many reasons for this.

The first reason is that a person can, together with the name, absorb all the negative qualities of the character of the family member in whose honor he was named. The second reason is that the character of a person may not completely coincide with the character of this family member, which can lead to dissonance. The third reason is that, together with such a hereditary name, a person may be held responsible for the honor and dignity of this family member.

He will always unconsciously strive to “keep the brand,” and this will put pressure on him.

Parapsychologists do not advise parents to name a child in honor of anyone. It is worth considering that each person is an individuality, so you should not drive him into the framework of a name that is initially endowed with some meaning.

How to make a name happy

If you decide to change your name, then naturally you have one question: what name will make me happy? The answer to this question is quite simple. The name will bring you good luck only if you associate yourself perfectly with it.

You can come up with a completely unreal name that no one on the planet wears, but if you really feel good about yourself when they call you by that name, then this is the right choice. With the help of a name change, you can discover new talents in yourself, strengthen some qualities of character, develop abilities that you haven’t even dreamed of.

Undoubtedly, the name affects the fate and character of a person. It gives us the essence, certain traits of character and ability. This is not just a set of sounds.

The name of a person is a definite key to the fate of a person, a code that can influence everything that happens in life. There are many cases when people, changing their last name or first name, have completely changed their destiny. As they say, how you call a ship, so it will sail, so call your ships only good names! And do not forget to press and

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