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Danis Glinstein admitted that he had come to the “Battle of the psychics” & raquo; for money

Danis Glinstein admitted that he came to the «Battle of psychics» for money

The medium from Ekaterinburg, Danis Glinshtein, was nicknamed the most honest participant in the entire history of the “Battle of the Psychics”. All because he does not hide his true goals of participation in the project. Danis openly says that he came to the 14th season of the “Battle of psychics” in order to light up on the screen, draw attention to his person and earn money.

As it turned out, the psychic Danis Glinshtein was led to the program by selfish goals. However, he himself is not shy about it. Moreover, Glinstein admitted that his abilities do not bring him much joy.

He said that his gift is a burden that brings only trouble and inconvenience to life.

For example, Danis is difficult to communicate with people. The medium said that he could not quietly go out, meet, walk and relax in public places. The fact is that Danis can see the spirits of dead people.

When he goes out, the two worlds, real and otherworldly, are intermingled, and sometimes he does not quite understand where the real people are and where the spirits are.

Danis Glinshtein’s extrasensory abilities prevent him from finding a life companion. He tried many times to establish relationships with the girls, but as soon as the relationship developed into something more, the otherworldly forces did everything to make Danis alone in the end.

Danis admitted that he already accepted the fact that the gift does not allow him to live a normal life. According to him, the realization that nothing can be changed is very difficult for him. After Danis came to terms with the idea that he had to live with his abilities all his life, he simply decided to earn money on it.

As soon as the psychic began to help people in his native Yekaterinburg, the fame about him spread to the whole district. At the moment, Danis Glinstein conducts personal receptions, and also consults online on the Internet. According to him, making money on extrasensory abilities is the only positive side of such a gift.

Danis, in contrast to many other psychics, is not at all glad that fate has prepared for him such a fate — to see dead people. He admitted that he dreams of a normal life, a normal job and a family. In order to somehow use his gift for his own good, he began to conduct paid receptions and help people for money.

And Danis Glinstein came to the “Psychic Fight” Season 14 for the sake of popularity.

When asked whether a psychic should take money for his work at all, Danis replies that everything depends on the psychic himself and the way he works. According to Glinshtein, communication with the world of the dead and spiritualistic sessions pump out a lot of energy from him, so his work should still be valued in monetary terms.

It should be said that Danis Glinshtein’s abilities At the “Battle of the Psychics” of the 14th season, with each ordeal, more and more appear. The Ekaterinburg medium has every chance to reach the final and get the main prize. Not so long ago he got a white envelope, which greatly increases his chances of winning.

But how his fate on the show goes on, only time will tell. We continue to root for our favorite participants of the “Battle” and do not forget to press and

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