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Battle of the Psychics Season 17 Season 15 Issue: Hide and Seek and the Exorcism Session

Battle of the Psychics Season 17 Season 15 Issue: Hide and Seek and the Exorcism Session

The trials that fell to the semi-final psychics are becoming increasingly difficult. Which of them will cope brilliantly and will be worthy of the final, and who will be the weakest — we will find out at the end of the release.

Tense semi-intriguing. Emotions of the audience and the psychics themselves are at the limit. The traversed path left an indelible impression and a lot of wasted forces. Incredible and exciting trials — who will remain in the top three strongest finalists?

The first task will be a kind of hide-and-seek game, where the strongest clairvoyants will drive, and a little monkey will hide. Skeptics doubt that testing is possible even for the strongest sorcerer.

Trials in the circus arena

The legendary Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard opened its doors to the participants. 4 floors and 340 rooms, 22 thousand square meters of space. Psychics are given 25 minutes to search for an animal, which, together with the trainer, is hidden behind one of the doors of the immense room.

First leading Vera Sotnikova invited the many-sided witch Nadezhda Shevchenko. She met Capuchin Tom and remained blindfolded until shelter was chosen. Hope as a magical attribute chose candles, from which the figure of a monkey was blinded.

The witch clearly followed in the footsteps of mischievous Tom and went up to the orchestra pit, where, it turns out, he was running away during rehearsals. Hope was not enough a few steps and a couple of minutes to win. She chose the wrong door and could not track down the trainer and his ward.

There are 10 steps to the cherished door.

Marilyn Kerrro took the blood from the trainer’s finger. Having tuned in, she went in the footsteps of the fugitives, lingering at the monkey house where all the circus animals live. The second floor ground again made the witch waver, but not for long.

Mary inexplicably went by the smell of blood and chose the right door. She did it in 7 minutes, hitting the skeptics with her result. The details of the life of each of the observers led to believe in superpowers and extrasensory gift.

Dariya Voskoboeva found the test easy and confidently selected the girl from the group of observers as conductors. The battle witch was mistaken in tactics — thoughts and feelings led them not to Tom, but to his dwelling place. Ten minutes ago, he was in his cage and had dinner.

The remaining time was only enough to correctly indicate the direction. And indeed, behind the wall, which pointed a psychic, were a trainer with a monkey.

Swami Dashi used the tactic of merging with his totem beast — the wolf. Taking Tom’s lead, he unmistakably followed the scent. And indeed, the metamorphosis that occurred to him, made everyone who watched the passing of the test startled. The psychic went out into the corridor of the 4th floor on the other side and unmistakably opened the door, behind which there were fugitives.

A nervous Capuchin did not find a place for himself until Swami was transformed into a human being. He admitted that he was walking on the smell of fear that a capuchin felt in front of a predator. The upper scent helped to recognize the subtle emanations of fear and brilliantly cope with the test.

The soul of the deceased — what the walls of the house say

The second test in Domodedovo near Moscow was conducted by Sergey Safronov. He was waited by a frightened woman whose husband hanged himself in their apartment. She argued that the spirit of the deceased, even after 1.5 years, reveals itself.

In the apartment, footsteps are heard, the clatter of dishes and a shadow, very similar to the deceased spouse, flashes.

Dariya Voskoboeva saw a man and described his appearance. She is confident that the spirit of the deceased, who also hanged himself, pulls here the opened portal to the other world. It is he, and not the spirit of the deceased husband, that frightens the widow and neighbors with his presence. The witch correctly said that there was a small house on the site of the new building.

It was in him, she said, that a man hanged himself on February 29 and thus opened a huge hole that attracts the souls of the dead. She was unable to close the move, citing the fact that the Universe allows it to be done every four years, exactly on February 29.

Marilyn Kerro admitted that the apartment in which she is located is filled with impure energy and scares her to shiver in her hands. Having walked around the room, she stopped at the place where the suicide occurred. Mary felt the presence of a dead man and correctly felt the energy of death by hanging. She said that this is the landlord, and went to the stairwell.

Everybody was shocked: Mary explained that the soul of the deceased had returned to return the debt to the neighbors. And indeed, shortly before his death, the man took a small amount and did not have time to give. Mary’s rights were also in the fact that lately there was a lot of alcohol in his life and he was becoming aggressive.

The witch is convinced that the soul repents and asks for forgiveness for assault in a drunken stupor. She conducted a magical rite that will help the deceased go into another world.

Nadezhda Shevchenko immediately asked to turn off the lights and walked around the apartment with lighted candles. A frightened many-sided witch saw the shadow of a dead demon-possessed man. Clearly described the appearance of Igor, the late husband of Valentina.

According to her, the soul comes to take vital energy. Hope also performed a mystical ritual aimed at cleansing the room from negative energy.

The last psychic Swami Dashi also felt dark vibrations. Sniffing, he went to Valentine and said that dark energy emanated from her. The neighbor remembered that when the late husband was funeral, the woman behaved strangely, a yawn attacked her and the priest said that there was a demon in her. The psychic explained to the frightened Valentina that everything inside her seemed to be chewed.

For a couple of minutes, he coped with the test, describing the appearance of Igor and the reason for his death. The facts, which he voiced, did not leave indifferent even the skeptic Sergei Safronov. Dashi believes that the soul of the deceased did not understand what had happened to her, and entered Valentina’s body.

The exile ritual began with eye contact and breathing exercises. An incredible session of exorcism ended with the victory of a psychic. Valentina was born again, and he had to teach her to walk and control her body.

The witnesses of the sacrament saw how a frightened woman had changed.

The hardest choice among the best of the best is completed. The jury made the most responsible decision. Voting will continue for the three finalists: Marilyn Kerro, Swami Dashi and Nadezhda Shevchenko.

Dariya Voskoboeva already said goodbye to a place in the final when Marat Basharov took out a photo from her white envelope.

Ahead is the last, final battle of the best and strongest psychics of this week. Vote for your favorite member and let the best man win. We wish you personal victories and happiness in life, and do not forget to press buttons and

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