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Battle of Psychics Season 17 Season 6 Issue: The Mirror Revealed the Strongest

Battle of Psychics Season 17 Season 6 Issue: The Mirror Revealed the Strongest

Each new series of the 17th season makes the struggle tougher, and ruthlessly shows the human weaknesses of people communicating with inhuman forces. In the new issue, only some psychics were able to unravel the mystery of the ancient mirror.

the show “The Battle of Psychics” «> The 17th season of the Battle of Psychics from release to release fascinates and amazes more and more. This time, psychics were faced with a task that, according to them, had no equal in difficulty. Each participant had to see what was reflected in the mirror for minute before they entered the room where it was located.

Almost all clairvoyants reacted uncertainly: even the undisputed favorite Marilyn Kerro said that she had never worked this way before. Despite this, the witch did it all: even without her witchcraft tools, Kerro passed the task, feeling the emotions of love, warmth and dependence of the mother and child, reflected in the mirror.

Undoubtedly, Dariya Voskoboeva passed the test: she reproduced the movements and breathing of the athlete who was lifting the barbell in front of the mirror.

But Swami Dashi in this task was not up to par: he recognized the movements of the girl dancing in front of the mirror, but he could not identify either the dance or the energy of a living person, simply denoting the reflection as «creativity.»

Best psychic 6 release 17 season

The undisputed favorite of the “mirror” test was the many-sided witch Nadezhda Shevchenko. She, without apparent doubt, set about the task, and, having coped with the candles that did not want to light up, she amazingly accurately described the girl standing in front of the mirror a minute earlier: hair color, eyes, bright lipstick, and even the color of clothes! More precisely, no one described what was happening in the mirror.

But the witch did not stop there: after the girl she described the young man who stood behind her. The audience was wary: the girl Masha came to the mirror alone. I could not believe that having started so well and having smashed everyone outright, Nadezhda mistakenly decided that Mary was not alone at the mirror.

However, what happened was no one expected: the witch called the guy a dead man and repeated his words: a request for forgiveness from Masha. By the reaction of the girl, it was obvious that Nadezhda did not make a mistake: Mary’s recently deceased friend was really next to her. Everyone was amazed.

Nadezhda Shevchenko once again proved to be an incredibly strong psychic.

The second task was to find out the cause of the death of the young guitarist Denis, and also to answer whether the tragedy of his death is connected with the passion for Runes.
The psychics, having only the rune set of a teenager in their arms, determined his whereabouts, death and its cause.

Subsequently, the jury unanimously decided that Swami Dashi and Marilyn Kerro became the undisputed favorites of the second test, who more accurately described the moment of the boy’s tragedy and explained the connection between Denis’s death and his careless runes, which, if treated carelessly and disrespectful to these forces, could turn from the magic tool to the embodiment of the terrible Doom.

Who was the best psychic 6 release

The opinions of the project participants, who arranged the test for psychics, were divided. The best were named Nadezhda Shevchenko, Marilyn, Swami Dashi and Dariya Voskoboeva. It was they who most accurately fulfilled the required, but each turned out to be strong only in one task: this led to a dispute on the council, but he resolved safely.
Two psychics immediately hit the white envelope this week: Swami Dashi and Marilyn Kerro shared the victory between themselves.

The secret of the black envelope

In the sixth edition of the 17th season of the Battle, the contents of the black envelope were covered in mystery. As usual, the presenter Marat Basharov brought both envelopes to the meeting with psychics, but he did not have to open the black one.

Elena Davydova left the project voluntarily, accusing the Battle of Psychics of reinterpreting the tests and faking the results in favor of the script. Whether this is so, no one knows for sure, but the fact remains: Davydova saved the weakest participant of this week with her voluntary departure.

This time the failure has bypassed the “weak link” of the Battle, but in the next issue we will find out who will be the strongest and who will leave the project. Follow the exciting challenges with us. We wish you a pleasant viewing, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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