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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: two days before the premiere of season 17

“Battle of psychics”: two days before the premiere of season 17

Literally a couple of days remain before the start of the main mystical project of autumn. Starts season 17 «Battle of psychics». Who are most expected by viewers and fans?

And what intrigues will the new “Battle” actually present?

This year, two coven witches were among the participants. Natalia Banteyeva. it Dariya Voskoboeva and Maria gan. The biographies of the witches already exist on the Internet, and it is clear in advance: they can show very good results.

If the will of the case or the ability of rivals, of course, will not be stronger.

Recall that another participant from the coven Banteyeva, Tatyana Larina took second place on the project, second only to Julia Wang. So Natalia definitely knows who to entrust to represent her coven. AND Darius with Maria — great choice.

Another intriguing participant on the set is the medium Swami Dashi. Man-mystery, which is not known neither the name nor the name, nor even nationality. Such is the mysterious biography of the psychic Swami Dashi.

There are too many white spots in it.

However, it is known that this psychic arrived at the “Battle” from St. Petersburg, where he has been successfully treating for 15 years. In his arsenal of meditation, sound vibrations, techniques of yoga and work on the spirit. Apparently, the organizers of the show are a bit tired of shocking, and even skeptics this time expect unusual and impressive results from the 17th Battle of the Psychics.

Coped with the tests and remembered by many Lyubomir Epiphany. This psychic immediately attracted the attention of his catchy appearance. By the way, he used to call himself Lucifer Besoyavlensky.

It is interesting to suggest what dictates such a change of name, a change of opinion or work for the public?

About the premiere release of season 17 there are a variety of rumors. Someone expects to see among the participants or at least as Mr. X on the qualifying round. Marilyn Cerro. Someone still hasn’t come to terms with leaving Sergey Pakhomov last season 16 and also requires you to invite the holy fool Pahoma again.

But both of them are unlikely to appear among the regular participants.

Expect the show of the first episode of the 17 season of the “Battle of psychics” with us. The premiere release is expected on September 3 on TNT. Do not miss the premiere and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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