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Battle of psychics & raquo; Season 18, Episode 8: Watch Online

«Battle of psychics» Season 18 Episode 8: Watch Online

The eighth series of the 18th season of the “Battle of psychics” is close. This Saturday, we are waiting for new trials and new goodbyes, because this time someone will leave the show again. The only question is who exactly.

In the last edition of the show, two participants left at once: Irina Volkova for family reasons and Nikita Turchin on voting. Irina Volkova did not even take part in the trials, but Nikita completely failed them, for which she received a black envelope. The young psychic is terribly upset.

Nikita considered that they had been kicked out of him unfairly.

Juna — Soviet healer

In this issue, the screenwriters came up with something interesting for the audience and the psychics themselves. In the video announcement, we were shown only one test, as always. Judging by the frames, psychics with closed eyes will need to determine who is next to whose grave. Man, as always, will not be easy.

This is Juna, known to the world as a healer and a white witch. This is a rather interesting person, so we will now try to introduce you to her closer.

Juna is also known as Evgenia Yuvashevna Davitashvili. This is her real name. She had Iranian roots, because her father arrived in the USSR from this country. Davitashvili is the name of her husband, whom she met in Tbilisi.

No one knows how she got her gift. At least, there is no exact data at all. Juna’s extrasensory abilities were fairly universal, but their strength did not diminish at all.

Her main job was healing. She treated people with contactless massage, conspiracies, magic. No one knows exactly how Juna worked, what her true talents were.

History officially tells us only that in the highest political circles, its experience and skills were used by quite a large number of people. Juna died when she was 66 years old. She was buried at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery, where our psychics went this week on a special mission.

There and passed the test, judging by the frames from the announcement.

It is said that telepathy was her gift and that she could move objects with her eyes, but there is no confirmation of this. Juna Davitashvili was a recognized master of esotericism, astrologer, healer. There were legends about her, because she was just a unique person, because she managed to deal not only with esotericism, but also with politics and creativity. In life, she helped many people to find happiness, so she dedicated this release to the “Battle of the Psychics”.

Perhaps the show participants will be able to shed light on any new, hitherto unknown facts from the life of the great Soviet healer.

Predictions and forecasts

Perhaps Marina Zueva will reveal her talent completely in this issue and be able to be among the leaders, but this test should be simple for Konstantin Ghessati and Sonia Egorova, who, although not equal, go ahead of everyone else in the number of white envelopes.

The most difficult test will be for Alexander Kinzhinov, but, as we have already seen, he also knows how to work with the dead, because Tarot cards answer almost any questions. Of the outsiders, only Ivan Shabanov remained, who would either have to give everything in full in order to stay on the project, or hope for a miracle. The shaman is sure that he will last longer.

It is too early to draw conclusions and predictions, but we already know that the show is starting to enter the second phase, when only the strongest remain. Soon, the public’s favorites will receive black envelopes, and that’s when the simple times will end. Already this time it will be necessary for some to show only the best result in order not to appear in a black envelope.

According to some data, it became known that Sonya Egorova became the strongest on the test dedicated to Juna. In the second test, Sonya and Constantine will share the first place. The weakest will be Ivan Shabanov.

The second test is unknown, so the intrigue, as always, is. Just need a little patience. All questions will be answered soon. We will also be able to find out what Jean Alibekov meant when he said that Juna “laughs at us”.

Perhaps, in this way, the healer who left this world wants to say that the forces of modern psychics are weak and ridiculous. Good luck, enjoy your viewing, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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