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Battle of psychics & raquo; Season 18, Episode 7: Watch Online

«Battle of psychics» Season 18 Episode 7: Watch Online

We are all looking forward to the 7th series of the 18th season of the “Battle of psychics” with impatience. Near the middle of the season and the hottest trials, because there are only eight participants left.

In the last series of the current season, Alexander Kinzhinov became the strongest, sharing first place with the leader Konstantin Ghessati. Master Tarot was pleasantly surprised not only his fans, but all viewers without exception. Alexander showed himself as a worthy specialist who can win a place in the final of the show, which is just around the corner.

Announcement of 7 series

From the video of the announcement it becomes clear that this will be a series dedicated to communicating with spirits. There may be clear favorites Konstantin, Sonya and Marina Zueva. It is possible that Ivan Shabanov will finally show himself from the best side, because the writers did not cheat him with attention in the announcement. We will be able to see a real seance.

It will be exciting — we do not doubt it a bit.

Place of the main test — a haunted apartment. A similar problem was with the guests of the program in the third issue of the house with ghosts. It is possible that on Saturday we will have a more difficult test than just checking at home for the presence of perfumes.

The video shows how the chandelier itself moves, so much of the paranormal and exciting awaits us.

We have already talked about leaders, but a much more interesting point is the question of outsiders. Ivan Shabanov, Nikita Turchin are the only candidates for the departure, although something unusual may happen this time. It is possible that some of the strong psychics will fail.

We will find out about everything on Saturday. Suffer it quite a bit. Let’s wish good luck to Nikita Turchin, who is the youngest participant of the show, and Ivan Shabanov. The fate of one of the participants will be decided not in the best way already on November 4.

Let psychics try their best, and we will enjoy the show and worry about the participants. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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