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Battle of psychics & raquo; Season 18, Episode 3: Watch Online

«Battle of psychics» Season 18 Episode 3: Watch Online

«The battle of psychics» is gaining momentum. The 18th season began quite recently, and the third episode of the most mystical TV show on Russian television is on its way.

In the second issue of “Battles” we established ourselves even more in the assumptions about the main favorites of the 18th season. Among those: Konstantin Ghessati, Marina Zueva, Sonya Egorova, Alexander Kinzhinov. The second issue clearly showed the distribution of forces.

What awaits us in the third series of “Battle of psychics” — this is the main question.

Apartment with ghosts

What is the «battle» without ghosts? Script writers and creators of the show decided that it was enough to play hide and seek. It’s time to give people what they came for and why they watch the show — show them the real mystic.

The third series promises to be very interesting in this regard, because in the video of the main announcement it is clear that the project participants will be able to contact the spirits. Marina Zueva will finally reveal all her talent, which can also be said about Konstantin Ghetsati. This will be the best task for them, since they are directly connected with spiritualism and communication with dead souls.

Perhaps the outsiders of the show will show their strength. Do not forget that one or two project participants will have to leave it forever. It is time for a tough selection of contenders for the title of the strongest mage and psychic of the 18 season of the “Battle of psychics”.

If we analyze the latest events on TV, then the first contenders for the flight will be Ivan Shabanov and Maxim Nikitin.

Rustam Zardinov, a witch from Tashkent, could not find a person in the hospital either. The second task of the last issue, he failed completely, like Maxim Nikitin. In a word, these three participants of the “Battle” will have the last chance for salvation.

It will be not just a real video about the paranormal, but a real event, which may go down in history not only the show, but also extrasensory perception as a whole. Enjoy your viewing, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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