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Battle of psychics & raquo; Season 18, Episode 13: Watch Online

«Battle of psychics» Season 18 Episode 13: Watch Online

So the 18th season of the “Battle of psychics” came to an end. This Saturday will be the long-awaited final and the latest tests for the participants of the show.

As you probably remember, in the last issue the vote did not reveal the losers. In the finals they decided to leave all the participants: Alexander Kinzhinov, Sonya Egorova, Konstantin Ghessati and Alibekovs Jean and Dan. It was a rather interesting season, full of unique events and solutions that were not there before. Even during the screening of participants, the presenter was interested in a special test of the applicants.

Conditions were tightened, so only the strongest remained. Now there are the strongest of the strongest. You need to vote for the member you like the most.

Coming test

According to the writers, all the most interesting was included in the announcement of the last, 13th issue of “The Battle of Psychics”. We saw that the finalists would need to analyze a letter, to see hidden words and facts. We will find out who can best read this letter between the lines.

The main task will be to clarify the goals of the author of the letter, as well as the very identity of the author. Judging by the emotions of Sony Egorova and Jean Alibekov, it will not be an ordinary letter, but a cry for help or the last words of a suicide. In any case, already on Saturday we can see everything ourselves with our own eyes.

Some sources confirm the existence of two tests, especially the finalist will be known only after this release. We are waiting for interesting battles in anticipation of the final show.

Final of the “Battle of psychics”

Voting will end on December 16 at 22 o’clock in Moscow. Up to this point you need to make your choice. Usually shooting takes place in a week, so that before the release you can have time to mount everything. The final is the final.

Filming will take place at 19:00, that is, an hour before the release of the last series of the 18th season. Winners will be awarded after the completion of voting — that is, after 22:00.

Thus, the winner will be known on Saturday evening, and will be shown the awards ceremony next Saturday, December 23rd. Naturally, psychics from other seasons of the show will be present at the presentation of the cherished “hand”.

The season has not yet come to an end, so we have nothing left but to enjoy the last battle of the eighteenth Battle. Everyone is sick of their psychic, but, to be honest, everyone understands that the winner will be Konstantin Ghessati. From the very first minutes of the first release it was clear that he would be the main favorite of the season. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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