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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: Season 17 release date

«Battle of psychics»: the release date of season 17

“Battle of psychics” — a show about the incredible abilities of people who are beyond the control of ordinary thinking and the laws of science. Fans of the project are asking the main question of this summer and autumn: when will the 17th season of the great show begin?

“The Battle of Psychics” gives its viewers an incomparable sensation, because no one understands how these gifted people can do this? Recently, it is increasingly heard that the 17th season will begin on September 3. Although before this start of the project was scheduled for the 17th.

Features of the new season

The leader of the 17th season of the “Battle of Psychics” will be Marat Basharov, who will be helped by guests from the world of show business. The presenter will be close to psychics, and skeptics will monitor the actions of psychics from a distance through monitors.

The new season promises to be even more exciting than the previous ones. There will be new challenges and new tasks that will force psychics to exert all their strength and show all that they are capable of.

Selection of participants

The veil of secrecy over the participants of the show is still dense, so one cannot say with certainty which famous witches or magicians will take part in the selection, But the producers said that we will definitely see the followers of the great psychics and their students. A preliminary list of participants is already available.

Marilyn Kerro, most likely, will not go to the show for the third time due to poor health. She and her lover are working on their store. This is preliminary information, so you can expect any surprises. But at the casting they have already noticed an imitator of the finalist Julia Wang, who is remembered to all of us.

However, it is unlikely that only a catchy appearance will be the key to success in the 17th season — the competition is too high.

After passing the qualifying stage, the remaining participants will be offered more complex tasks to determine their abilities. This will mark the beginning of the battle.

The first stage is working with people, reading information and clairvoyance. The second task, as always, will be held on the road to a certain place, the energy of which is associated with some special event. Psychics will have to feel what happened in the past in this very place. The last task is to help people who turned on the TV show to search for their loved one.

They ask questions about whether he is alive and how he disappeared. Often psychics give answers to questions that law enforcement agencies and the investigation could not answer. Everyone remembers a vivid example of the action of the power of these gifted people when they tried to solve the mystery of the death of the writer Mikhail Bulgakov.

When all the trials end, the jury council chooses the best and worst psychic for the week. The jury consists of leading, as well as participants in the tests. The worst leaves the show, but there are controversial situations when it is allowed to continue the Battle to all.

Most of the news is hidden to stir up interest in the show, however September 3 we will be able to see everything with our own eyes. There is not much time left, so let’s have some patience.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to the history-biography of Victoria Rydos, the winners of the last season. If you are a fan of the TV show «The Battle of Psychics» and did not watch these videos, we highly recommend them to you. Best of luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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