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Battle of psychics & raquo; Season 17: How to remove damage to a house

«Battle of psychics» season 17: how to remove damage to a house

Season 17 of the most mystical show continues to amaze TV viewers and bring more and more new knowledge. In the 5th series of “Battles”, the favorites told how to determine the damage to the house and remove it.

Damage is the strongest negative intervention in the energy of a person, leading to the destruction of life, failure, illness and even death. The stronger and more experienced the practices suggestive of spoilage, the stronger its destructive effect. But few people know that damage can be brought not only to one person or family, but even to the house and the land.

In the 5th series of the 17th season of the “Battle”, Swami Dashi and Marelin Kerro completely disagreed about the nature of the negative in a rural home. The result was that the Estonian witch Marelin discovered the protection of the former, already dead witch mistress in the house: a note with a conspiracy and a goat skull, which served as a defense against intruders. The destruction of these items has allowed the new owners of the house to stop thinking about selling it and not have a terrible fear of the ghosts of the past.

Fortunately, the defense was removed on time, and no one had time to suffer.

But what if your own home suddenly becomes a creepy place that you simply don’t want to return to?

Signs of damage to the house

Damage can be induced in various ways: if the ill-wisher has access to at least the front door, in most cases, success is ensured. The most common method of targeting damage is considered lining. Uninformed people can be quite difficult to detect them.

The most common pads are:

  • salt;
  • needles driven into the door frame or at the door;
  • threads;
  • bread crumbs;
  • feathers;
  • mud;
  • bones;
  • water;
  • stubs of candles or wax drops.

It is hardest to detect a conspiracy of water: it dries out, leaving no trace or smell. This is often used by knowledgeable ill-wishers.

In the case of targeting damage, it becomes uncomfortable in the house, it is physically unpleasant to be, the desire to do something around the house disappears dramatically, quarrels and scandals begin between living in it, terrible dreams are sleeping in the house. All these signs indicate energetic negative interference in your life.

How to remove damage to the house

If you find one of these items near your door, in any case, do not take it in your hands: use paper or an unnecessary rag, which can then be thrown away. It is better to sweep the salt or bones with a broom, but then it cannot be left in the house either.

These items can not be brought into the house: this is the meaning of damage. The found pad should be taken to a place where there are few people, and bury, throw into the flowing water or burn, asking to cleanse you and your home from malicious intent. Wash the space near the door with hot water with saline or a decoction of wormwood. If the damage is already in the house, then with the same solution you need to wash all the floors and all the household shoes.

After that, it is necessary to clear the space with a candle: to go through all the rooms of the house with lighted wax candles, burning out the negative.

In case you have not noticed the lining, and all the signs of damage are evident, you can hold one of the five cleansing rites from the favorite of the Battle of Hope Shevchenko. With their help, damage to the house may be removed by yourself. We wish you never to be adversely affected, to live in harmony with yourself and the world, smile more often and do not forget to press buttons and

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