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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: ritual from Sergey Pakhomov

“The Battle of Psychics”: ritual from Sergey Pakhomov

The 16th season of the “Battle of psychics” continues to delight us with its intrigues. Issue 2 turned out to be quite exciting and spectacular. The story of the burning house left few people indifferent, and the most scandalous participant of the project — the holy fool Pahom — including.

House with a ghost

The history of the village of Ozerskoe, in which the action of release 2 takes place, is truly eerie. The farther into the depths dug psychics, the more terrible seemed the already difficult test of fire: the clairvoyant had to find a house from a photo of the house and the keys to its door. That’s just the house at this point was burned.

And not burned by chance. For example, Marilyn Kerro pointed to a witch who lived nearby. But as it turned out, the witch had nothing to do with it.

Victoria Rydos identified the cause where it is more correct: she found out that a man had once hanged herself in a nearby dwelling that looked abandoned.

Grandfather Pakhom, who had already proven himself to be a holy fool on the project, felt the hanged man immediately. And not one: it turned out that in the village before that people died. And then he decided to hold the ceremony, captured by the operators.

The Rite of Sergei Pakhomov

The ritual conducted by Pakhomov, was called to rest the soul, which finds no place among the living or the dead. This is due to the program «unfinished», which sometimes worries the dead, who did not die by their own death. As a rule, everything ends not so tragically, without fires and deaths: the deceased simply begins to dream of a loved one and ask, for example, to bring a handkerchief.

Getting rid of such dreams is pretty easy, and experienced psychics know how to “pass” the necessary thing to someone else through a funeral.

In our case, everything turned out to be much more complicated, and Pakhomov conducted a rest ceremony, tied to the ground. He brought her a whole bag, from the house of a suicide right to his grave. So the soul of the deceased had to understand that now her refuge was here, and she did not need to go to the living and guard her territory.

After all, as it turned out from conversations with the locals, this is why the dead person was angry: his land was divided and given to the construction of an unsuspecting visiting family.

Some fears are caused by the fact that Grandfather Pakhom brought the package back after the ritual. After all, things from the cemetery can not be carried away. The exception is made by objects which the strong and almost always dark magician takes for witchcraft (for example, the grave earth of Raydos).

But otherwise the ceremony looked plausible enough for a television project.

We don’t know how events will develop further, however, we will follow the participants of the “Battle” of the 16th season, and Grandfather Pakhom and his strange methods. Rituals in the “Battle of psychics” are becoming more unusual, and therefore do not miss the new season of the show and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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