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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: questions about talismans

“Battle of psychics”: questions about talismans

10 episode 18 of the “Battle of psychics” season turned out to be quite interesting. Very unusual tasks again in a special way distributed outsiders. Instead of one task there were two.

The announcement was about the second test for psychics, which took place in Mineralnye Vody. At the very beginning of the release, we were pleasantly surprised by other challenges. This is good news for Alexander Kinzhinov, who must compete for a place in the final.

It is possible that one of the tests will be simpler and clearer than the other.

First test

The issue is devoted to amulets and talismans. The first task is quite simple. Before each of the psychics sat three girls.

On the table in front of them lay three things that belonged to each of the girls. It was necessary to guess who owns this or that thing.

The first item is a strange bundle in a bag. The guest said that she was born in a shirt. This is a very rare case, the phenomenon when a person is born in a special flesh, because of which he can die.

A piece of such tissue is cut off and left to people as a talisman. The girl has skin problems — she has psoriasis, and all over her body. She is looking for a man. Who will take her affliction.

The last chosen one drowned. He was incredibly jealous, although he often cheated on the girl. She said he would drown in her tears.

The mother of the deceased thinks that this girl is to blame for his death.

Bottle with liquid. The liquid is holy water from Jerusalem. The woman held this bottle during the most difficult labor.

The last item is the letter “R” from the car, which belonged to the young man of the third guests of the show. He committed suicide by hanging himself beside a car stuck in the mud. The reason for this decision is absolutely not clear.

Marina Zueva, Sonya Egorova and Alexander Kinzhinov have guessed only one subject. This furor made brother and sister — Jean and Dana. They immediately handed out items to the owners, and then shed light on the secrets of each of the guests.

Konstantin Ghessati was close to Jean and Dana, telling some interesting facts and correctly distributing all the subjects.

The second test and vote

The story touched Janis Angelov, a popular musician from the city of Mineralnye Vody. The young guy lived with his mother and stepfather, was happy and always smiling. He was famous in the rap environment, he had many friends. One day, after resting on the coast, he hanged himself.

No one knows the reason, because he looked happy. He met a girl who could have made him a terrible choice. In life he had a handkerchief, which he loved very much. The boy’s mother told her that she saw her son in a dream, and he asked her to cut a handkerchief into several parts and distribute to certain people so that he could protect them.

This is a kind of talisman. The part that went to the mother was given to each psychic. The task is to find out who owns this item.

Alexander gave very accurate information. The cards showed that the man was a musician, often wore dark glasses, about 20 years old, left this world, hanged himself. His dog whines, misses him. The guy died because of love.

Indeed, it was with a girl that he left for the sea. Perhaps something happened there, said the mother of the deceased, because he was not himself.

The other psychics were good in their own way, but Konstantin again surprised everyone. He said that there were no curses, he died by accident. The boy’s spirit told the psychic that the mother had nothing to worry about.

He shed light on the most important secrets and helped his mother finally lose grief, find peace.

On voting, opinions are seriously divided only in terms of choosing the weakest psychic. The strongest was recognized Konstantin Getsati. When the dark envelope was opened, two of them turned out to be there: Alexander and Marina. For the first time ever, at such a stage of the show, right before the final, two participants are expelled at once.

Then Marat Basharov took out a gold envelope and asked Alexander and Marina to guess what gender the person whose photo is in the envelope. The second question is whether he or she is alive. Marina said she did not want to pass the test and agreed to drop out.

Alexander laid out the cards and said that this is a woman who is still alive. Indeed, the photo was the queen of England Elizabeth.

Thus, Alexander managed to stay afloat. Marina Zueva left the project, but did it with a positive. Next time we are one step closer to the final.

Hopefully, the tests will be truly exciting. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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