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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: house with ghosts

«Battle of psychics»: a house with ghosts

This release of the most mystical show on Russian television was very important, because the first outsider was determined. Find out who left the show, and who became one step closer to victory.

In the second series of the current 18th season of the “Battle of the Psychics,” no one was kicked out, but in the third edition the presenter promised that the number of applicants for the cherished blue hand would be reduced, maybe even by two.

Family relationship

The first test of the third edition of the TV show was quite simple, but very revealing. The task was simple — it was necessary to find a relationship between the mother and the child. Guest Svetlana came to the show with her son Arseny.

The difficulty was that in addition to the guy in front of each psychic was sitting 5 more people.

Theoretically, you can guess the desired goal, which most likely happened in the case of the city shaman Ivan Shabanov. He was quite surprised when the host told him that his choice was right. The first came to the test brother and sister Alibekovs.

They said that the sought-after male person, sitting indoors among 6 guests, had lost his father. The boy’s father really committed suicide, after which the boy took up the occult, even made a tattoo — a pentagram on his head. The Alibekovs said a lot of important things about other participants, but their choice fell not on the one who was needed.

Konstantin Ghessati became the second test subject. He told Svetlana that her love was based on what everyone was discouraged, including her son. Man, by the way, Constantine found pretty quickly.

He gave instructions to all the guests and Arseny, after which it was decided to bring the third psychic. Irina Volkova did not give the correct answer.

Aleksandr Kinzhinov, the key keeper, and Olesya Molchanova suffered a fiasco. Rustam Zardinov was very worried again, and Maxim Nikitin passed the worst test of all, not even guessing from two attempts.

Marina Zueva guessed Arseny, making a strong impression on the audience. She said about the roof, about a suicide attempt. The boy wanted to jump, but his mother called at the right moment, not knowing where Arseny was at that moment.

This has become truly important information.

The most impressive was Sonya Egorova, who described a friend who annoys Svetlana, Arseny’s mother. It was because of him that all the problems of the boy became so tangible. The bad company, the drugs and the wrong way of life turned him into an addict who walked on the thin ice between life and death.

One by one, psychics discovered something new in a guy’s life, helping him to become better. look at it was extremely interesting.

A house full of ghosts and the first «losses»

Guests of the program, three sisters, are worried about the inexplicable things happening in their apartment. They turn to psychics for help, because the situation has reached its apogee. Ghosts talk to them, scare them and make themselves known more and more often. Psychics were not told why they were invited to this apartment.

They should have felt everything themselves.

The first came to the aid of Sonya Egorova. She said that in this apartment as a cemetery, and the silhouette — it is ghosts, spirits. The main problem comes from the mirrors, especially she highlighted one of the three, which she advised to throw away.

Jean and Dana felt the presence of a man, said that the demons took him away the wrong way. He is in prison, locked up. He was killed here in this apartment, as deciphered visions of sister Jean. They were mistaken because their father died 9 years ago, but in general, their visions meant something.

Failure of their output can not be called.

Irina Volkova brought out of herself the landlady, the eldest of the sisters, because she pointed out the terrible rubbish. According to the medium. The problem of this house in the dirty energy and disregard for the order.

Nikita Turchin and Irina Maklakova saw the spirits, but could not determine who it was for sure. Ivan Shabanov, Rustam Zardinov, Olesya Molchanova and Maxim Nikitin suffered a complete fiasco. Olesya confused the spilled sauce with blood and thought that there was a murder in the house, and Maksim Nikitin couldn’t say anything at all, explaining that he had to ask a question before answering.

This time, unfortunately, the Tarot cards did not help Alexander Kinzhinov, but Marina Zueva seemed to have fallen into her element. She pointed to the unfortunate mirrors, which she advised to break, described in detail the spirits: the father, grandmother and godfather of little Kira, the youngest of the sisters. She passed the test as well as possible, but Konstantin Ghessati was also at the height, who also immediately indicated the presence of ghosts and spirits.

He called all the spirits by name, and also did what no other psychic could do — Konstantin said why this all happens. Dead pain from what they see. Relationships in the family are very bad, strained, they do not follow the graves, the older sister has problems with alcohol. There is a sharing of the apartment, a constant negative.

Konstantin advised to start with himself. As soon as the girls start working on themselves, the problem will disappear.

When it came time to choose the best, the choice was mainly between Konstantin and Sonya, but Konstantin became the strongest. The intrigue finally ceased to be such when we were shown shots where Rusta Zardinov wants to leave the project voluntarily. Voting of guests and presenters revealed the weakest psychic on the show — Maxim Nikitin.

Rustam was offered to give a second chance to Maxim, but the young witch from Tashkent preferred not to do it, because between him and Maxim, as it turns out, there was hostility. Maxim said that he cursed Rustam, and we will see the result of the damage later. Thus, it took not two, but only one.

Perhaps Rustam will show himself.

The first step has been taken. A serious survival game begins. Now every man for himself — the participants already feel this.

Who will be next? Until there were no predictions, but things can be very unpredictable. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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