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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: final test of season 18

«Battle of psychics»: the final test of season 18

So it’s time for the long-awaited final. Finally, we saw the last two trials of this season. Both were very different, but far from the simplest.

We remind you that in this issue the guests did not expel anyone and did not choose the best vote. This right remains for viewers, and psychics this week had the last two opportunities to express themselves from the best side. Here are the names of the finalists: Konstantin Getsati, Sonya Egorova, Jean and Dan Alibekovs, Alexander Kinzhinov.

The most difficult test of season 18

The first test of the tradition of search. This is the most difficult search in the history of the show. Passed the test in a secret place — on the training ground of special forces, which is located on the territory of the former production center.

Guests determined by lot the person who will be hiding from psychics. The place was chosen the third floor of one of the buildings, of which there are several in the complex. Psychics were told that a person can hide absolutely everywhere, without restrictions.

Finding a person on 64 thousand square meters is not so easy, given that this is not an ordinary place.

It was allowed to search for 20 minutes, so it was impossible to delay. Alexander Kinzhinov failed to cope with the test. The first were Jean and Dana. They immediately felt in which direction to go, and even about what a man looks like.

At one point, Dana was lost, and they found her all along with Jean near the place where the man was hidden. As a result, the goal was found pretty quickly.

Problems arose with Sonia Yegorova, who got confused because she could not find her way to the third floor for a long time. She was hard to navigate, so she even began to doubt her abilities. In the end, it took her a few minutes to get ready. She managed to almost a second per second.

Konstantin Ghetsati summoned a spirit that did not help him quickly, but very confidently, to find a person on the same third floor.

The second test — unhappy love

Angela was destitute when she was not even 2 years old. Her aunt and grandmother raised her. September 21, she went to the housewarming in a hostel to friends. The girl was found under the windows at night, covered in blood.

She fell from the 6th floor, lay in a coma for 13 days. October 3, she was gone. Relatives and a friend wanted to find out if she herself had committed suicide or helped her to do it.

Doubts gave rise to scratches on the face, which could not be obtained by falling.

Psychics were given a look at a letter that Angela wrote a year ago to her grandmother. By handwriting, it was necessary to find out the fate of the girl and answer the main question of the guests — it was suicide or murder.

Jean and Dana immediately noted that there was alcohol at the party and the number of men prevailed. Psychics from Kazakhstan concluded that there was violence. At first, Alexander Kinzhinov was not believed, but he told a lot about his beloved young man, Angela.

It was a fair-haired, narcissistic guy who didn’t particularly like a girl. Alexander said that he broke her heart. The state of mind was terrible in Angela that day and generally lately.

She did not want to live for a long time. About 20 times called that evening, but the conversation itself was not. Alexander concluded that it was pure suicide. Later, Konstantin Ghetsati confirmed the words of Alexander.

He summoned the spirit of the girl and helped the guests of the show get what they came for — peace of mind. Sonya Egorova also shed light on some important points, but she also did not dare blame anyone who was present at the holiday that day.

At the end of the release, the psychics uttered the final words. Now we just have to wait for the next week to find out the name of the winner. Most people are pretty sure that this will be Konstantin Ghessati, but this season there were so many surprises. We are no longer used to shocking news.

We wish good luck to the participants and you, the viewers. As Alexander Kinzhinov said, let the strongest win. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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