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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: Episode 5 Season 16 watch online

“Battle of psychics”: 5 episode 16 of the season watch online

The situation on the set of season 16 of the “Battle of psychics” is becoming more intense. Around the project, gossip about intrigues among the participants spreads, and the organizers add fuel to the fire.

According to the results of the previous 4 issues of the “Battle”, it can be concluded that in each series the participants of the show perform one traditional magic rite. We have already observed the secession from Victoria Rydos, saw the rite for the rest of the soul from Grandfather Pahoma, and also witnessed how psychics, not being chiromancers, cope with reading Destiny by the hand.

One of the trials this time will be “a bad apartment”. In it, participants will have to figure out what prevents its owners from sleeping at night. Previous owner, restless ghost or other evil spirits, even hinted at the very name of the task, involuntarily forcing you to recall the devilry of “The Master and Margarita”.

How and what the apartment is cursed will determine only the best.

This week one participant will leave the show again. Rumors about Grandfather Pahoma still have not subsided, but so far he is one of the best in the opinion of the audience, and even skeptics think. On the other hand, it’s not for nothing that Pakhomov mentioned the «disguised and true».

Are his successes cunning installation? As the story with Rossa Voronova and the “blackening” montage showed, the audience is not shown everything, and many psychics pass the tests better. What is this, bias, deliberate distortion of facts or ethical correctness — after all, real stories of real people are shown on the test, and sometimes not everything can be voiced on the air.

Victoria Rydos has been in the “white envelope” so far, and following the results of the 4th edition, the opinions of the judges were divided. This time, Marilyn Kerro fans are waiting for their favorite to be recognized as the best, but Nicole Kuznetsova claims no less for this place, and Sergey, despite gossip around his person, is still in the project.

As events will unfold in the main mystical show, TNT channel will show, as always, on Saturday, at 20:00. Choose your favorite participants, follow the latest rumors, do not forget to turn on the TV or watch a new, 5 series of “Battle of psychics” 16 season online. And do not forget to press the buttons and

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