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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 6 episode 16 season watch online

“Battle of psychics”: 6 episodes of the 16 season watch online

The new, 6th edition of the 16 season of “Battle of the Psychics” is eagerly awaited by the audience and fans of this mystical project. Passions around the set are boiling, and rumors do not subside and only multiply. The struggle of the “burdened and true” began in September, and we are following its events.

As many as five episodes behind, and you can sum up the first results. Some participants have already left the project. Among them are the indigo girl Angelina Gortuyeva, the witch Alla Pele from Donetsk and the sorcerer Georgy Malinovsky from Doma-2.

And while the other participants continue to fight for the right to own the Hand, it’s time to remember the best moments of the previous series.

The previous five episodes were remembered by us, first of all, by live rituals. They can already be compared by drawing conclusions about the strength of the participants and their Gift. For example, it is difficult to argue with the fact that the seance from Victoria Rydos, the witches from Northern Coven, looked more effective than the rituals of the demonologist Namtar Enzigal, who practices similar kinds of magical arts.

Namtar prefers to work with subtle matters behind closed doors. In the 5th series of “Battles”, the resourceful psychic guessed to ask for help from a representative of the feline family, a gray cat living in a “bad apartment” where he was tested. It is not known how much the cat helped Namtar in astral affairs, but he contributed to the charm of the demonologist.

The pair work of the necromancer and the cat Tigrusha was pleasant to the viewer.

Judges and organizers also came under close scrutiny. Unexpected decisions of judges with empty “white envelopes” can be a highlight of the project. By the way, in issue 5 the photo of the holy fool psychic Pakhoma finally got into the coveted envelope. In issue 6, he will still surprise us with the secret of the black box: this time the skull will participate in the test.

That’s just human or not, is not yet known.

And while Pahom doesn’t surprise the audience with an open gift, it doesn’t make literate public relations, the Voronov family is trying to achieve a fair cut, since only air ambiguities fall into their airtime, according to Rossa Voronova, which distort the picture of the test.

It is not clear yet how this disruption of covers about information discharge will end. Not so long ago, right from the shooting of Iolanta fell into the hospital. Shortly before this incident, both she and her daughter wrote on social networks about entire streams of negative comments that fell on their family after participating in the show. So the «Battle» is sometimes truly dangerous.

The question of how further tests will be Ross Voronov, while open.

Watch the 6th series of the 16th season of the “Battle of psychics” online or do not forget to turn on TNT on time. Do not trust the rumors, trust only the facts. Root for the best members, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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