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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 4 series watch online

“Battle of psychics”: Episode 4 watch online

The new, 16th season of the “Battle of psychics” is already in full swing, we have the first retired and first favorites. In the next release of the project, we expect not only new and sometimes shocking rituals, but also the classics of the genre in the field of extrasensory perception.

The producers of the show are doing everything to keep the audience’s interest in the program unabated. Participants are attracted by the scandalous and unusual biography, the stories on the project are one more dramatic than the other, and sometimes the tests are completely shocking; which is only worth the scaffold in the 3 series «Battle». The same issue was remembered for us by the triumph of Victoria Rydos and the departure of Angelina Gortueva.

Psychics are already less than exactly one former participant, and the competition begins in earnest.

Of course, fans of the show are interested to know who will leave him next, and who this time will be the strongest. The black envelope in the new, 4th edition of “Battle” can be received by the Voronovs — it was not for nothing that Marilyn Kerro noted their weak energy when she passed the test with photos of the participants. But exactly the same chances are Alla Pele, the demonologist Namtar, and Sergey Romanenko, whose passages were not always smooth.

As for Marilyn, even then, from photographs, many noted her masculine, strong aura. But this did not help her to keep from tears, when the next task touched her for living. We think Mary will receive a white envelope, unless Nicole Kuznetsova intercepts it from her.

But with the withdrawal of the party, everything will not be so simple: on the project, not everything is so rosy and serious intrigues reign, because not only light forces are involved, but also dark magic. Behind Rydos alone, the clan of Natalia Banteyeva may appear, and in one of the episodes Kerro has already lit up with a magical artifact, which, as she herself admitted, “Sasha gave her”. Time will tell whether a Sheps gift will help her, but there is a high probability that even without this help she will be far from the last. Rumor has it that witches have joined forces against a serious competitor, and it is likely that they can be Sergei Pakhomov, because he is now in the front ranks and so loved even by skeptics.

What will cause the departure of Grandfather Pahoma, a misfire in the passage of the job or a side look at the opponent on the project, time will tell and a new series.

At this time, the organizers will bring to the “Battle” classic, centuries-old practiced by clairvoyant ceremonies such as fortune telling. After all, as you know, sometimes the most gifted mathematician forgets how to correctly count a column. So we wish the magicians and witches not to face such a test.

The previous classic ritual was a seance session conducted by Victoria Rydos, and before that grandfather Pakhom performed a ceremony to rest the souls of the hangman-suicide. After that, it will be difficult to surprise the audience, but the creators of the show still held the brand.

Stay tuned for the 4th edition of the Battle of Estrassensov, turn on TNT at 8 pm Moscow time, or watch the series online. Choose the best, cheer for the best, do not forget to check your aptitude for divination before viewing and try to predict which of the participants will be in envelopes this time. And do not forget to press the buttons and

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