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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 3 series watch online

Battle of the Psychics: Episode 3 watch online

«The battle of psychics» is already in full swing, and two whole releases behind. Time to take stock and make the first bet. To whom will the competition be too tough, and who has already secured a place at least in the final?

To find out, do not miss the new series of shows.

According to the results of the two editions of the “Battle” one can already see seriously the clairvoyants who are aimed at the victory. Of course, Marilyn Kerro is one of the main contenders for getting into the final. Kerro corrected after an annoying slip with the trunk, and now does not give up their positions. She has a lot of loyal fans — just look at her instagram — she is known to the audience for season 14, and the story of her love for the finalist of the 14th Battle Alexander Shepsa left very few people indifferent.

Without a stretch, Marilyn can be called a “Battle” star, because she is so effectively hypnotizing the host of the show and no less spectacularly knocking out windows in damned houses.

However, Victoria Rydos while Marilyn breathes in the back. Her piercing eyes and confident witch power were noted by many participants of the show. Rydos represents the Banteva coven, the last participant of which, Tatyana Larina, reached the final with the support of her patrons.

The rivalry between Victoria and Marilyn is inevitable — unless they unite against someone third.

The third could easily be Nicole Kuznetsova. Her intriguing biography makes her fame, but also in the show she has established herself as an interesting and gifted girl. In addition, this memorable eerie tube in the throat, of course, causes respect or even admiration for inner strength.

Therefore, Nicole definitely sympathizes with part of the audience, despite the dubious statements about marriage with the criminal authority Jap.

But who has a biography is even more scandalous, so this is Sergey Pakhomov. Crazy psychic, holy fool artist, he leaves behind the strongest. But at the same time it is already generating memes in social networks.

At first, not causing anything but laughter, he confidently goes almost to the final. However, to get there the star of «Green Elephant» is unlikely. According to rumors, the strong witches of the project wove their intrigues against him.

Of course, because the artist’s hit the project was accidental, and no one imagined that he would be stronger than Marilyn Kerro.

In our opinion, several participants have become candidates for the “departure”. Skeptics calls Angelina Gortuyeva among the first to leave. The indigo girl evokes sympathy, but it will obviously be hard to fight for the victory, and to begin with, getting into the “Battle” itself is already her success.

The Voronov family also did not meet many of the audience expectations, which led to spectator skepticism. But perhaps this is just a cunning move by the organizers, and the Voronovs have not yet shown the audience everything they can. After all, as we all remember, Ross and Iolanthe claim that they do not come to the tests together, but the three of them — together with them their late grandmother, who was also once clairvoyant, is invisibly present.

It will show itself and what other participants will take, time and TNT channel will show.

To find out who will hit us this time with his gift, and for whom this release of the show will be the last, you can only watch 3 episodes of the 16 season of the “Battle of psychics”. Follow the favorites of the “Battle”, choose the strongest participants, expect the final with us and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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