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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 17 season 4 episode watch online

“Battle of psychics”: 17 season 4 episode watch online

New tests are waiting for participants, and no one knows what they will be. But some details are already known. Except for the most important: who will leave the project next?

TV viewers of the most mystical of all shows “The Battle of Psychics” are already waiting for Saturdays to see new challenges and, of course, the real abilities of strong psychics. By the way, many of the participants have already identified competitors. Marilyn Kerro on the air has already named those whom she considers strong.

Probably, the words of the Estonian witch should be heeded: she has already shown her abilities very well. In order to somewhat brighten up the wait and warm up the interest in the new 4th series of the 17th season, the editorial board of the show has already given a hint that the task will be very heavy in emotional terms. I wonder how psychics can handle it and whether it will not bring them down from the right mood.

According to preliminary information, the participants of the show will receive a sealed envelope with a photo, according to which they will have to determine what kind of person is depicted on it and, of course, the fatal events that happened to him or her. Probably, we will talk about the tragedy that occurred with a girl from an ordinary family.

The second interesting and exciting viewer question is who will leave the project this week. The choice will be made after passing the test and it will clearly not be the easiest. Moreover, only two people passed the past test: the experienced and well-known to fans of the “Battle of the Psychics” Marilyn Kerro and Swami Dashi, who literally amazes with his extrasensory abilities almost every time.

Perhaps his great experience here plays a role: in the biography of Swami Dashi there are as many as 20 years of living and learning skills in India.

Violetta Polyakova suggested who will leave the show this week.

The psychics themselves do not always guess how their fate will be on the project. But they themselves often make assumptions about who will be in white and black envelopes, according to the jury. Violetta Polyakova, for example, has already suggested that it will be Lubomir. Of course, she is not always right.

For example, she did not see Marilyn Kerro when the leader of the “Battle of the Psychics” instructed to find out who was hiding behind the doors of the hall. Violetta said it was empty. But on the other hand, she successfully passed the qualifying tests, where she was able to demonstrate her abilities.

Maybe this time the extrasensory gift really indicated how the events of the 17th season will develop. But all this will be known only on Saturday September 24 at 20:00.

Recall that now only 12 psychics take part in the show. Margarita Bakhtiyarova left the project last week, being the weakest psychic of all. Despite the fact that Denis Vysotsky dropped out of the previous assignment the fastest, the contest jury was dissatisfied with her.

The fighters participating in the test, who blocked psychics with a way to the exit, shared with the project leader, Marat Basharov, that Margarita spoiled the whole impression with her attempt to prove her abilities. As a result, she gave completely incorrect information about the assistants in conducting this test.

To pass the time and brush up on past tests, you can look at the currently available online series on our website. Stay tuned for new releases. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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