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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 17 season 2 episode, watch online

“Battle of psychics”: 17 season 2 series watch online

The new episode 17 of the Battle of Psychics season is full of difficult challenges. Participants will have to face difficulties and find out who is capable of what.

On Saturday, at 20:00 on the TNT channel, all loyal viewers of the “Battle of the Psychics” show will be able to watch the 2nd edition of the new 17th season. Many waited a whole new series for a whole week and, of course, would like to know how this time psychics would surprise. After the participants were finally determined, it became clear: each of them is somewhat special, and their paranormal abilities can sometimes be explained by the characteristics of the biography of psychics.

Of course, the creators of the project keep in secret and secret how and who coped with the tasks. And this is not surprising: in itself, the “Battle of psychics” is the most mystical of all shows. But something was still known in advance.

What tasks are waiting for psychics in season 2 series 17

One of the tests will be reading the information through the barrier. A man stands behind the door of the hall where psychics gather. He is the father of the child.

Participants, using their abilities, must guess who this mysterious stranger is.

The second task is more difficult. Murder occurred in the city of Obninsk, and the most important evidence in this case is the baseball bat. The case for today has not yet been solved, and psychics will be able to express themselves, while helping people.

Actually, it is this application of the abilities of new participants that was planned by the authors of the show.

Of course, all this is preliminary information and only the tip of the iceberg. It is interesting to know exactly how psychics will apply their so different and unique abilities. Some of them are really able to see something completely unknown to others.

So it happened on the qualifying test of “Mr. X”: psychics revealed the secrets of Nastasya Samburskaya, who turned out to be unknown under the mask.

The mystery of the 13 party «Battle of psychics»

Even despite the fact that little is known about the new issue, TV viewers can definitely prepare for something amazing and unusual. For example, there are rumors that another one may appear, 13th participant of the 17th season. Judging by the first series of the 7th season of the “Battle of psychics”, there will be a lot of innovations and surprises.

Someone already assumes that we will again see Marilyn Kerro: she perfectly fits the description given to the 13th participant by the strongest psychics.

On the one hand, in this way, the authors of the show can even more reliably verify the unique natural data of psychics, which they took to participate in season 17. After all, only people with real paranormal abilities can prove themselves in trials with so many unknown facts and give unmistakable answers.

On the other hand, the organizers of the “Battle of the Psychics” once again show that the show is not bribable. Recently, attacks and doubts in the veracity of what is happening in the show and present to the public, have become frequent. Nevertheless, the faithful TV viewers do not doubt the truth of the fact that this is the real battle of the strongest people in their psychic abilities.

Even after the first series, it is noticeable that some participants have paranormal abilities that are developed so perceptibly that they are literally felt through the screen. But how far they can be persistent and reach victory, you will be prompted by the horoscope of favorites of the 17th season. Enjoy watching, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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