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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 16 season 8 episode watch online

“Battle of psychics”: 16 season 8 episode watch online

The “battle of psychics” by means of long trials and difficult tasks left the strongest in its ranks. Contenders for the final have already been identified, but the struggle to get into it and for the Hand promises to be tense.

This time, magicians and witches will have to unravel the tragic story of the dead. Only the best remained on the project, although after the departure of Pahom many skeptics predict a drop in ratings. By popularity, the holy fool Pakhom caught up with the impressive participant of the previous season, Julia Wang. In addition to Pakhom, the Voronovs, Georgy Malinovsky, Alla Pele and Angelina Gortuyeva have already left.

In the meantime, ardent fans of Sergey Pakhomov continue the campaign “try it out!” In social networks, the remaining clairvoyants do everything to make the show go on.

As always, Estonian Marilyn Kerro will be emotional. Passing through itself all that sees her subconscious, this witch is often not kept from tears. While her fans are discussing on the Internet the likelihood of pregnancy from Sheps and the possible withdrawal of Kerro from the “Battle”, Marilyn herself is still confidently winning.

Keeping up with her strives for the title of the strongest and Victoria Rydos. This time the witch alone will not manage with candles, and even her book of the dead will not answer all the questions. In episode 8 of The Battle of Psychics, Victoria will perform a ritual in front of the camera with a voodoo doll that will help her shed light on an encrypted task.

Nicole Kuznetsova, Namtar Enzigal, Sergey Romanenko and Jacob Schneerson will also demonstrate possession of the gift. The manual skull of Namtar, whom he himself calls friendly Hans, will show himself at his best: with his help, the demonologist will tell you what can be learned only by contacting directly the world of the dead.

But Sergei, unfortunately, has a chance to get into a black envelope. Despite the availability of abilities, this Veps will not be able to contend with the witches and demonologist as the best mage and challenger for the Hand.

Who will be the strongest in the «Battle», will show at 20:00 TNT. Turn on the TV or watch the 8th series of the 16 season of the “Battle of psychics” online. Develop your own abilities, do not miss the exciting rituals from the participants and do not forget to click on the buttons and

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