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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 16 season 14 issue watch online

“Battle of psychics”: 16 season 14 issue watch online

The 16th season of the “Battle of psychics” comes to an end, and very soon we will know the winner. Intrigue — Marilyn Kerro or Victoria Rydos? — Heats up, and the rivals seem ready for the victory, if not at all, then at a lot.

Three participants entered the final of the 16th season of the “Battle of the Psychics”. The leading position at the moment is Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro. She confidently follows the Hand, but the priestess of the cult of the Creator Victoria Rydos, who managed to acquire no less loyal spectators, does not lag behind her.

Nicole Kuznetsova closes the top three, a clairvoyant whose gift has developed, it seems, in spite of everything — Nicole has lost the ability to speak and regularly goes through surgical operations on the throat, but this does not prevent her from seeing many through.

In the final, 14 episodes of season 16, the participants will pass the traditional two tests. Assignments will not be easy. In one of them, the presenter will ask psychics to find a person in the territory of a huge building — an entire abandoned prison. The show will be tense, because such places are simply saturated with negative energy, and it’s scary to even imagine what those accustomed to feel that Marilyn and Nicole will be able to pass everything through there.

It seems that in this test Rydos will have good chances for the best passing.

And the other task is shrouded in a veil of sinister secrets. In it, the subjects will have to understand the mysteriously missing person. He left Tula for St. Petersburg, and nothing foreshadowed trouble.

Later they found his car, found things, found a phone without a SIM card. but the man fell through the earth. Psychics have to learn and tell what caused this terrible event, where to look for traces of the missing, and whether there is hope for a successful conclusion of this story.

While the participants are preparing for the final, scandals and gossip around the project do not subside. Season 16 promises to be one of the most scandalous of revelations. While the leaders of “Battle” make predictions to Domu-2, meticulous viewers catch the organizers in the flow of information through social networks.

They give screenshots of blogs or write that the pipe in Nicole Kuznetsova’s mouth is fake, so Namtar Enzigal had to refute this in his group.

Not everything goes smoothly in the life of Iolanta and Russia Voronov. Not so long ago, Iolanta filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the “Battle of the Psychics”. She attached to the application printouts of offensive messages, which she receives daily with her daughter after leaving the set of Sergey Pakhomov. Iolanthe wants to achieve justice, that is, recognition of the organizers in an unfair assembly.

She also said that they were also supported by the victim of the script of the organizers, Jacob Schneerson. How the case will end is not yet known, but the Voronovs, apparently, intend to defend their position to the end.

And shooting, meanwhile, will end very soon. At the moment, Victoria Rydos and Marilyn Kerro are not much inferior to each other. It is already known that the winner of the 16th season of the “Battle” will be almost completely Estonian Marilyn. But what if Victoria can get around her in the very final?

We will know the answer very soon, but for now see the final — the 14th series of the 16 season of the “Battle of the Psychics” online or on the TNT channel. And do not forget to press the buttons and

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