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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 16 season 10 issue watch online

Battle of the Psychics: 16 season 10 issue watch online

Anniversary, 10th edition of season 16 of the “Battle of psychics” will not pass without surprises for loyal fans of the show. What to expect from the favorites of “Battle”, and who will leave the project this time, will show the TNT channel, but the first predictions can already be made.

Victoria Rydos, received in the past, the 9th series of the “Battle of psychics” White envelope, will show new facets of her talent. An unusual ritual is also expected from Marilyn Kerro, which we have never seen before. Namtar Enzigal, who admired many of the fans of the show, will also show himself from the intriguing side.

Well, Nicole Kuznetsova is in this, 10 series will do everything to get your White envelope, although Marilyn with her impressive passing of the first test will still get around it.

Who will leave the ranks of the participants? Both Yakov Shneerson and Sergey Romanenko are significantly behind the favorites of Battle, but sometimes quite interesting things are said. However, in the latest issues, Jacob began to make mistakes more strongly, and Sergei, without getting into the right answers even intuitively, somehow liked the audience.

How to write in social networks loyal fans who visited the site of the last filming of «The Battle of the Psychics» in Tambov, Jacob Schneerson could not be noticed. So we can assume that in the next series Schneerson will leave the “Battle of the Psychics”.

But the singer Linda will appear at the “Battle of the Psychics”. The clairvoyants will tell about it, touching both creativity and, of course, personal moments of the biography. Look what Linda will show “The Battle”, about which she hasn’t spoken in a single interview, and what makes her in touch with Marilyn Kerro.

Persistent rumors about the return in the final series of Sergei Pakhomov still appear in the network. But, apparently, this is another gossip. Now Sergey is on a trip and hardly thinks of returning unless he has in store for powerful means for unexpected teleportation directly to the set.

Follow the 10 series of the 16 season of «Battle of psychics» online, worry about the best and vote for the strongest in the final. We wish you also to develop your abilities, discover new talents, and you do not forget to press buttons and

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