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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: 10 commandments and the family curse

«Battle of psychics»: the 10 commandments and the family curse

This issue has been very interesting. Again, two tasks were received by psychics, they coped with them, but not everyone was able to show equally high results.

This release introduced some changes to the leaderboard. Two interesting tests helped not only the guests of the program with their problems, but also a lot of pleasure for the viewers. The question of all tormented only one — whether Konstantin Ghessati will be able to keep the palm.

Test first

There were three girls before psychics, each of whom had broken one of the commandments in the past and this is a heavy burden on the heart. It was necessary to find out what sin corresponds to each guest.

Jean and Dana Alibekovs were the first. Brother and sister could only learn that the girl sitting in the middle, broke the commandment «do not steal.» Jean saw the eight.

She stole 8,000 rubles. Psychics did not have time to go to the next stage, because, in their opinion, the leader knocked them down by asking stupid questions. As a result, Jean began to get very nervous and just left.

Alexander Kinzhinov. He guessed the sin of the girl sitting in the middle, went to the second guest, saying that she was a murderer. So it was.

With the third girl, he did not see anything wrong, so he made a wrong assumption.

Konstantin Ghetsati did not formally pass the test because he refused to judge anyone. His hints made it clear that he was moving in the right direction. He saw the murder of her husband by the girl on the left, the theft of the middle girl, but regarding the third he said that he did not see anything dark.

Marina Zueva said only about the murder, and then left the hall, which disappointed many viewers, because everyone expected much more from her. Irina Volkova, also known as a lady with a dog, also indicated only murder. Irina Maklakova, too, was able to dwell only on a woman who violated the commandment «do not kill.»

Outsiders, who did not pass the test at all, were three. The city magician Ivan Shabanov came, was flirting and left, relying on his charisma. Rustam Zartdinov said that all girls have one sin at all.

Nikita Turchin, too, once again completely failed the test.

Sonia Egorova, without a doubt, was the best at the first test. She did what she couldn’t do to anyone; she solved the secret of the last girl. She had a difficult childhood. Her mother left her at birth, and now she has a new family and a new daughter.

The guest of the project is very worried and hurt. Sophia chose «Honor your father and mother.»

Test second and the choice of the strongest psychic

A huge happy family lost three children in 40 days. Two of them had not yet been born, and then the 15-year-old son of one of the 5 sisters passed away. Girls think that this is not an accident. The task is simple — psychics need to find out from 4 photos — who is alive and who is not.

The photos have three sister and the same boy, the eldest son of one of them, who was not quite recently.

The first to help came again, Jean and Dana. This time no one interfered with it. After a couple of minutes, they said that the boy with the photo is dead, the rest are alive.

They heard music — at the time of death he really could listen to music, because he did not hear the train approaching from behind, which he did not hear. He loved to walk near the rails, but this time there was a misfortune. Regarding the series of deaths, they said that it was a kind of karmic hole.

Some of the mothers need to go to a monastery or take some important vow.

Sophia performed well. I gave the correct answer on the photo, but, unfortunately, I did not see any reasons for the incident, except for the possible damage that the girl, who had also lost her child, imposed on them. She said that the damage has its time, so 40 days is more than enough.

With this she encouraged the guests.

Irina Volkova said she did not see the difference between the world of the living and the dead, so she could not help. Nikita Turchin failed the test too. Ivan Shabanov, Irina Maklakova, Rustam Zartdinov — all were far from the right answer.

Alexander Kinzhinov made a positive impression on the guests, but was not constructive enough in terms of the future of the sisters.

Marina Zueva saw that the girls had a witch in the family. It was a grandmother who defended their entire family from the negative influence of evil forces. She put the protection in one of the apartments, but there, without knowing the girls, they removed this protection.

The apartment was renovated, they removed the needles and pins, so the evil broke into their lives. According to Marina Zueva, you need to re-protect to stop the black line.

In this test, the strongest was Konstantin Ghessati. He said very important words that everything should be the way it happened. Dead children saved the family from much greater problems, from big deaths.

He reassured the girls and helped them regain faith in the future.

The strongest in this issue was Sonia Egorova. Many doubt the fairness of the vote, because there were more people from the trial among whom she was stronger than the jury. On the other hand, Konstantin did not pass the first test to the end; therefore, this choice can be considered fair.

The weakest psychic was Rustam Zartdinov. Irina Maklakova presented him a talisman for good luck. The psychic himself accepted his departure from the project very positively, without any offense at anyone.

There are only 9 participants left. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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