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“The Battle of Psychics” — all about the participants of the 16th season

The main participants of the 16th season of the “Battle of psychics” were identified in the difficult qualifying trials. The audience did not remain indifferent and are already waiting for the next release, and skeptics are preparing their arguments, while a dozen strong magicians and clairvoyants are preparing to fight for the title of the strongest.

One of the most remarkable figures was an earlier Estonian witch. Marilyn Cerro. The finalist of the 14th season, losing the 1st place to the beloved Alexander Sheps, this time Kerro intends to try her luck again. Marilyn was casting along with everyone, and despite the annoying puncture on the “trunk” tour, she doesn’t give up, and her fans believe in the success of her favorite.

Of course, when Alexander stands behind her, Marilyn’s chances increase dramatically. However, self-confident Kerro came from the very beginning came to win and hardly needs strong patronage.

Marilyn’s serious rival on the part of witchcraft — Victoria Rydos. Rydos is in the coven of witches Natalia Banteyeva and is very serious. It was rumored that she had spoiled the participants of the “Battle” by passing the “trunk” test, covering the hidden person with a powerful defense.

Victoria uses the burial ground in rituals, so that Kerro will obviously be with whom to compete in black magic. Owns Victoria and Taro. But about her personal life, little is known.

Another representative of the dark forces on the project — Namtar Ensigal. He calls himself a necromancer and allegedly uses a human skull for rituals. True, the identity of the skull is still not known — this part of Namtar’s life is fanned by mystery.

But it is known that he is the protege of the finalist of the 15th season of Julia Wang. Whether he will be able to contend with Kerro and Rydos, and whether they will not conspire against him — we will see in the next issues.

Dark forces, as is known, are opposed by light ones. Nicole Kuznetsova or Matveyeva, who calls herself a bright magician, has already struck the audience with her clairvoyant abilities. To identify a trainer in a man through a screen and recognize a snake next to him — this is not given to everyone. Nicole has two children, she is married, and conflicting gossip around her person has died down.

For how long — time will tell.

Iolanta and Ross Voronov play on two camps. Mother and daughter can not yet agree and are unlikely to be able to do it further. As recognized by the senior Voronova, she is more inclined to dark mages. Perhaps Ross is set differently, and therein lies the reason for the discord in their tandem.

Anyway, in the “Battle” they may contradict each other, but in life they give the impression of people close and supporting each other.

George Malinovsky The qualifying tests took place with a trot — however, the lynx did not rush through them. George is known for his participation in the «House-2» and his interest in the «Battle of the Psychics» gives PR. But he still passed the casting, so let’s see, maybe George will be able to find himself in the field of witchcraft and extrasensory perception.

If someone caused more doubts about his authenticity as a magician, it’s Sergey Pakhomov. The avant-garde actor, who became famous for the scandalous film “Green Elephant,” meanwhile, is quite serious. Trance, in which he falls, looks ridiculous, and Grandfather Groin himself was at first perceived as a misunderstanding, but suddenly he showed himself to the mark. His result of passing the «trunk» was the best in the history of the «Battle of psychics.»

What is this — a cunning move of writers or an open gift, it remains only to guess.

Alla Pele, A psychic from Donetsk, is already familiar with the format of the project, since she participated in its Ukrainian version. With her and Marilyn, the Russian “Battle of the Psychics” takes on an international connotation. Alla gives the impression of a strong woman and a psychic, but to cope with Kerro will be difficult. However, like Raydos, Alla is a tarologist, a specialist in divination by the Tarot.

If common interests bring them together as colleagues, Marilyn will have a hard time.

Jacob Schneerson also participated in the Ukrainian version of the show. This psychic uses to work stones, in particular, turquoise. He claims that she was brought from Saudi Arabia and enchanted in a special way. As you know, Nicole Matveyeva also works well with stones, so we’ll see if there is a confrontation between them.

Jacob’s participation in the program was accompanied by disclosures about gay, but, however, amid rumors of a sex change, Nicole, who was supposedly a man, this news is not one of a kind.

Sergey Romanenko represents a kind of Veps. Vepsami is the nation, the more famous name of which is Chud. For many of us, this name is familiar from history textbooks.

The scoundrel belongs to the Finno-Ugric peoples, and surely Sergey knows a couple of old generic secrets, once he declares that he belongs to these people. We wish him the patronage of the spirits of the ancestors, among whom, he said, were magicians and sorcerers.

Angelina Gortuyeva applied to the test drawing. Quite an interesting method, but it will not help if he cope with such “Battle” stars as Kerro. Angelina has no shocking image of Pakhoma or Rydos ominous reputation, behind which stands a whole clan of witches. Angelina claims that she is a fortune teller, and the «trunk» revealed these inclinations from her.

Perhaps she will still flash in the “Battle” and show herself.

A dozen participants of the “Battle” was determined, and it remains only to follow the course of the competition, to put on the favorites and expect the finalists. Choose those who really have the gift, be ill with us for the best in the new, 16 season, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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